Are you really living your mission?

October 4, 2006          Comments (0)

I go to the gym at least 4 x per week. I make it my business. Some of my best brainstorming sessions occur while I’m running on the treadmill. In fact, I try to run at least twice per week in the morning and then lift weights 4 x per week. It’s safe to say I am there often.

I’ve noticed there are two types of people that go the gym:

The experienced, determined and disciplined who want to get in and out and do their thing. They have fitness goals and take their health very seriously. Going to the gym is a way of life for them.

Or the inexperienced, lazy and weak who set a New Year’s Eve goal to lose weight, exercise more or get to the gym x amount of times per week. Their doctor either told them to go, they’ve gained a lot of weight, they are always tired or they don’t feel great in their own skin.

Either way, these two types of people are getting to the gym. Bravo.

My gym, and every gym in the world, prides itself on helping people achieve their fitness dreams. In today’s rapid world people want to lose weight now! It is very difficult to eat a healthy, balanced diet when working so much.

Billions of dollars are made each year selling ‘miracle diet pills’ to desperate, lazy and hopeless people. It’s not that hard to lose weight. It takes discipline, determination and will. Anything is possible. Set goals for yourself. This post isn’t about dieting and exercising, though.

My gym, which I happen to absolutely love, was just renovated and it looks incredible. For the price I pay, it really can’t be beat in NYC. As they invested money into the appearance and machinery of the gym, they are constantly marketing and inviting people for a free trial. Smart.

But, there are signs all over the gym stating how they want to help their members lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. Their business is helping people realize their fitness and health dreams.

Selling hope is a big business. Selling the potential to feel better and look better is even bigger. Revlon doesn’t sell makeup. They sell hope. People always want to buy things that will make them feel and look better.

But don’t make a point of stating it all over the gym.

Here’s why. The people who have no discipline at all have to walk past a snack machine with the most delicious, unhealthy, artery clogging candy possible. It’s directly centered in the lobby of the gym. Every person has to salivate before their workout.

How much do they really want their customers to lose weight? They are not only sabotaging some members but they are also going against their mission. All to make a few extra bucks, while appearing very cheap and tacky. Is that worth it?

What the heck does a mission even mean?

It states what you are in business for and how you are going to do it. Every morning your mission should get you excited to go to work. All of your decisions, business processes and ideas should be aligned with your mission.

They could easily fill the candy machine with protein bars and no one would have to be tempted to buy junk food. Or better yet, they should just not have a candy machine.

If you set out to build the most high-quality, superior computers in the world don’t use cheap components. If you want to compete with Ferrari and set out to build the best performing sports car in the world don’t use cheap parts. If you want to go into business and your mission is to serve the best tasting ice cream in the world you must use the best ingredients in the world. If you want to help people lose weight and are going to offer incentives and host contests every month, don’t have snack machines!

Live and breathe your mission, with every aspect of your business. Don’t go against it. It detracts from your credibility. And in business (and life), that is everything. It’s not worth a few extra bucks.

Live and die by your mission and you will attain far greater levels of success than you can imagine.

Don’t compromise. Ever.

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