The Free Prize Inside the Box…

December 6, 2006          Comments (4)

The free prize is the way smokers can pack cigarettes against the side of the package before they smoke them.

The free prize is the experience of service at the Ritz-Carlton, when what you paid for was a good night’s sleep.

The free prize is the change-counting machines at Commerce and Greenpoint Bank, when what you needed was a checking account.

The free prize is the way you girls feel after having a rough day of hair, nails, and of course, tanning.

The free prize is the way people stare at you while you’re cruising down Ocean Drive, in a Murcielago.

The free prize is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get inside after the first sip of your $5 Double Latte Mocha Frapa Guru Gilby.

The free prize is the way you get to blast your favorite song in the car, after downloading it or buying it.

The free prize is the way you and your friends feel at a club, drinking a $37.99 bottle of Grey Goose for $250.

The free prize is thinking you already lost weight, right after eating the first healthy meal for your new diet.

The free prize is how you appear when you put on a clean, crisp, freshly laundered shirt.

The free prize is the diesel thunk that the relays make when you turn on the Mark Levinson amplifier.

The free prize is the way you feel when you’re walking in the street, with your $1000 designer bag.

The free prize of living in NYC is getting to see all of the beautiful girls that miraculously afford to live in your building making $20,000 per year.

The free prize is the way your feet feel after putting on your UGG’s.

The free prize is how you get to pose in the mirror thinking you are on your way to being the next Arnold, after a gut wrenching 15 minute workout at the gym.

The free prize is the container that Method dish soap comes in.

Actually, the free prize inside is why we buy or use your product/service.

Now, give me my free prize!

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  1. The free prize is when the subway pulls up just as you are swiping your metro card.

    The free prize is finding your favorite ice cream at the supermarket…now “1/2 the fat and 1/2 the calories” (they forget to mention 1/2 the taste, but we all try it anyway right??)

    The free prize is finding that there are more reds in your pack of mentos than oranges and yellows.

    The free prize is commerce reimbursing you for your ATM cash withdrawals at the end of the month.

    The free prize is buying something at full price and finding out it is 50% off when you get to the register. (so do you buy another or save the $??)

    The free prize is when someone understands you…when you think no one in the world ever would.

    The free prize should be easy to see,(but not too easy) and THAT is what makes us buy or use your product/service.

    Adam – I enjoyed your free prizes, keep up the good work and quality thoughts.

    Comment by A.R.M — December 6, 2006 @ 9:29 pm

  2. The free prize inside the box is getting to read comments like yours.


    Comment by Adam Gilbert — December 7, 2006 @ 4:02 pm

  3. I’ll tell you what the free prize is. Having the song Mr. Brightside in your head all day and that momentary feeling of regret knowing that when you updated your Ipod six months ago, you didn’t have that song on your computer and now it’s just too big of a pain in the butt to download. So you get to the gym, hop on the Stairmaster for yet another “Mr. Brightside-less” half-hour, half ass, fat burn session. You plug your headphones into the “maybe if I’m lucky I’ll here some Prince” Cardio-theater and wait, what is this??? “I’m coming out of my cage and I’ve been doin’ JUST FINE!!!!!” The prize you ask??? I’ll let the two and a half hour chest workout that ensued do the talking.

    The prize is the $7,500 referral fee that we will earn before Christmas from making that ONE CALL! If someone said, “I’ll give you $7,500 to pick up a phone and call someone that’ll never even see your face,” I don’t think my response would be, “Nah, I’d rather do………(insert waste of precious time here).”

    Ready for the prize? yougottawantit.

    Comment by Marc T — December 13, 2006 @ 10:46 pm

  4. […] Serving great food is not enough to get people (older people, especially) to drive 25 minutes out of their way. They decided to give free entertainment at no extra charge. This gets people talking! And yentas love to talk. This is the free prize and people who love early bird specials, certainly, are going to love free prizes! […]

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