Are you a clown? Find out because you don’t want to be one!

January 30, 2007          Comments (2)

Is fear of change holding you back? It certainly has a great possibility of holding me back.

Here’s why:

As I sit here working in my office (apartment/bedroom/desk) diligently planning, strategizing and working on my business only one thing is in my way of making this work.

Your fear of change. (Yes. You.)

The business I’m working on has a ton of potential for everyone involved. I 1000% believe in it. That’s all I need to keep me going. Without that belief, I’d still be an employee at Ernst & Young, fearing change.

Many people want me to help them realize their body’s full potential. They appreciate my input and having me on their side.

But, many won’t. No matter what I say or what I offer them, they’ll decline. Reason?

Fear of Change.

You are stuck in your ways. You are used to doing whatever it is you do, whether it works or not. “What does this hotshot 23 year old know,” you say.

Well, I am so confident because I know what I’m doing will work and help you realize your body’s full potential!

I certainly would want my partner to be 1000% confident in what he’s doing.

Are you a clown? Here. Figure it out for yourself.

Clowns ignore science. Whether it’s the magic of fitting sixteen full-sized clowns into a Volkswagen Beetle or the constant struggle between clowns and gravity, the fruitless conflict between what’s real and what a clown desires is a fixture in a clown’s act.

Businesses (and people) tend to believe that science is optional. It’s not. If you run ads and they don’t work, it doesn’t matter how you spin it; they didn’t work. If your industry is changing because of a technological breakthrough; it’s still there. We may have all sorts of business and personal reasons to challenge a piece of science, but denying reality never leads to a positive outcome.

Clowns refuse to measure their results, because measurement means they accept the reality of the outside world. Wishful thinking is not a replacement for the real world. Only clowns get away with that.

Whewww, I didn’t think you were a clown.

The clowns running Kodak were a huge bunch of, well, clowns. Kodak spent years denying, ignoring, or evading the reality of digital photography and its inevitable impact on the film business. And when it recently announced plans to lay off one-fifth of its already decimated workforce, you couldn’t help but yell, “You clowns! Did it just now dawn on you that digital cameras were going to catch on?”

You have to feel terrible for those innocent folks who lost their jobs because senior management was busy trying on the big red nose.

So, don’t let fear of change hold you back. No matter what you want to do.

“Change is always something to celebrate. It’s a sign that you’re still alive.” I love that quote by Ben Mezrich from his book Ugly Americans.

Embrace change. Embrace new ideas and views. Embrace new people. Don’t be so close minded.

If clownhood is our natural state (and I think it must be), then the alternative must be anticlown. Success lies in rejecting your inner clown and adopting a long-range view of the world (even if it’s just five minutes longer than your peer’s view).

What would Krusty do? Or Chuckles? Bozo? Figure out the behavior of a real clown – and do the opposite.

This post was inspired by my main man, Seth. I thought it was important enough to share with you because letting fear of change hold you back is certainly no way to live. And, I certainly don’t want my precious readers to be clowns!

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  1. Great post as always. I’m becoming a clown and you inspire me to not be one.

    Thank you for that!

    Comment by Bill — January 31, 2007 @ 1:01 am

  2. Bill,

    I’m glad I inspire you to not be one.



    Comment by Adam — February 1, 2007 @ 10:42 am

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