Ladies and gents you don’t need to, like, starve yourself to lose weight!

February 21, 2007          Comments (1)

This is not really a typical GuruGilbert post but I find this pretty alarming. Last week, I started advertising for and so far it’s going very well.

However, after speaking with many of my clients from around the country, I’ve learned that so many girls and guys think that starving is the key to weight loss. It is absolutely not the key to weight loss. In fact, it’s the key to weight gain.

Here’s why:

Let’s say you (guy/girl) starve yourself for week one of your Ridiculously Dumb Diet (RDD). You decide consuming around 1250-1500 calories per day is brilliant.

After week one you lose around 5 pounds. You lose that weight and are, of course, thrilled with the results.

So, you continue and continue and continue.

After week 2, you lose another 4 pounds. “Wow! This is really working!”

After week 3, you lose another 3 pounds. “Guys, I’m going to be, like, so skinny!”

After week 4, you lose another 3 pounds. “No way, this is, like, the best diet ever!

After week 5, you lose another 3 pounds. “Oh My God, I’m going to look like Nicole. I, like, can’t wait!”

After week 6, you lose yet another 3 pounds. “Wow, I just can’t believe it. I, like, really did it. I, like, lost 21 pounds. I’m, like, so amazed, like with my discipline!”

Okay, so you lost 21 pounds. Sick right?

(And yes. This is really possible and would happen.)

You lost weight consistently for 6 weeks without hitting a wall/plateau although there was a slowdown in weight loss towards the end.

Was it a great success? Let’s take a look.

50-60% of the weight loss will come from lean body mass. This drop will 1000% decrease your metabolic resting rate. Your body is now utilizing fewer calories everyday than when you started.

It all goes down hill from there…

So now you lose all of this weight and want to just maintain your sexy.

“Like, I just want to maintain what I have right now. I like it this way, like, I love the new me!”

Now you are off your RDD.

And you simply go back to your normal eating. NOW, your body won’t burn calories nearly as efficiently as before your RDD. The number of calories that used to maintain your weight before your RDD will now cause you to GAIN weight instead!

As time passes by, the weight will gradually come back on until finally you gain back all the fat you lost. Now, you’ll have less muscle, more fat and a slower metabolism.

This will happen. Trust me!

Guys/girls please don’t mess with your body like this. You are actually putting yourself at a huge disadvantage to lose weight! It will be harder than ever!

This is extremely unsustainable and unhealthy. can help you lose weight and help you get that body you desire (guys and girls) by creating a customized AND sustainable diet (lifestyle) and workout plan for you that you feel comfortable with.

I work very hard to create a diet and workout plan that you feel comfortable with because if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you’ll never stick to it.

The reason why 92% of dieters fail and actually wind up gaining weight is because they don’t have a trusted support system. solves this problem.

I really care about your success. After all, your success is my business. You need someone to hold you accountable who also has the knowledge and tools to help you get the body you desire.

See the challenge with most of us is we start a “diet” and then miraculously food that we love gets in close proximity to us. You then say, “Screw it! I only live once. I want to enjoy life.”

There IS a way to enjoy life by indulging in your favorite foods from time to time.

However, because no one cares about your success you ALWAYS give in. If you were forced to write down every single morsel of food you ate for every single day, you’d be amazed (and disgusted) at what you were eating.

You’d be surprised at how our mind works. Not only does this hold you extremely accountable but knowing that I’m going to be reading it and giving you feedback on your meals will work wonders. And I made it very easy for you by creating an online food log. Every night before you go to bed you submit all of the food you ate for the day as well as what you did at the gym that day and intend to do at the gym the following day.

This is the level of accountability you need to succeed. Combine that with my customized diet (lifestyle) and workout plan and I can confidently say, “Get in the best shape of your life with or your money back!”

I really believe in my program 1000% and I know that I can help you change your life for the better by helping you get in the habit of forming healthy habits for the rest of your life!

I’m very pleased with how many clients I signed up in my first week or so of business. I have big plans for but I know first hand; slow and steady ALWAYS wins the race.

“Adam, what do you mean by that?”

Well, I just bought the book Pour Your Heart into It, How Starbucks built a company one cup at a time.

That’s, like, what I mean.

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