Resentment and the iPhone…

June 21, 2007          Comments (0)

The iPhone is generating some amazing buzz. The big day is June 29th…

I believe Apple is on the verge of another grand slam. Industry experts are all over the place with this thing though.

Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) says, “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

My prediction: In 2007, Apple will sell 1.5 million phones. And even more in 2008.

I want this phone. Badly.

But wait. Good ol’ Verizon has me [insert Akon’s “Locked up”…they won’t let me out] for another year.

Check this: I read a story about a company’s CEO who was very adamant on being completely honest with his clients and employees. He wanted the best for them.

When potential clients came to him and he didn’t think he could help them meet their objectives he’d tell them. When he came across remarkable jobs with challenges, compensation and benefits he couldn’t offer he’d tell his employees about it.

Wow! Imagine that.

Your boss telling you about a job he thinks you’d be interested in while turning away potential business.

If your boss is that honest and sincere you wouldn’t want to leave.

If Verizon actually cared about their customers instead of acting like a monopoly then they wouldn’t have countless people ranting about their awful service.

Now, if Verizon really cared about their clients and really believed they had “America’s most reliable coverage” they should (and would) let their customers go and try Cingular and be confident that they will come back.

I want this iPhone and Verizon is holding me back.

I resent you Verizon. I really do.

Once again, can you hear me now?

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