Irony storm on the way!!!

July 10, 2007          Comments (3)

In yesterday’s post I dared to confess I like Paris Hilton because she works when she doesn’t have to, she has a sense of humor and I’ve never heard of her being mean.

It’s amazing how many emails I got from this post.

News alert: Category 5 irony storm on the way!

My third favorite email came from people who believe Paris Hilton’s television show on E!, The Simple Life, is a reality show about two stupid rich girls who do mean things. I hate to be a spoiler, but it’s a show produced by smart people, starring two rich girls who pretend to be mean and stupid. Their target audience is people who aren’t bright enough to know the show is staged.

My second favorite email came from the people who say Paris is a racist. Yes, I know she used the N-word on tape. Sometimes you pick the most shocking word because it’s the most shocking word. I don’t know what’s in Paris’ heart but I’m positive you don’t either.

I was also wondering how much economic value Paris has contributed to the world. If you put a price on the advertising budgets that support the media coverage she generates, plus her TV show, her movie roles, her magazine covers, I’ll bet the dollar value of her contribution to the world is in the billions. Those billions generate taxes that go to important social services such as feeding the poor and protecting our soldiers.

My favorite emails though came from people who angrily pointed out how wrong it is to be entertained by something as trivial and unimportant as Paris Hilton’s life.

This raises an interesting question: What the hell are you doing that’s so important?

You’re not only reading my blog, but you’re writing a frickin’ email.

How can you afford to take time out from your primary activity of performing free heart surgery on poor African babies?

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  1. This post was hot!

    Hilarious, Adam.

    You need to write a book already..

    Comment by Sara — July 10, 2007 @ 9:30 am

  2. Love it – way to shake things up!!!

    Comment by Mark Lovecchio — July 10, 2007 @ 10:48 am

  3. Thanks, guys.

    I really appreciate the kind words!


    Comment by Adam Gilbert — July 11, 2007 @ 11:23 pm

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