What a small world it is! This is really incredible.

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For you to be as astounded as I am you have to read this post first which I wrote a few months ago.

Yesterday, Nancy writes, “Glad you enjoyed the singing waitress at Verdi’s. She happens to be my mom (Adrianna) and is thrilled that you have written about her. Next time you are visiting Grandma, go see Adrianna again. My mom has had a very interesting life which would make a great story if you wanted to write about it! She’s 80 years old and has been at Verdi’s over 30 years carrying trays, serving people, and singing her heart out.”

-Nancy Porcelli

I was absolutely amazed and I replied to her email immediately asking how she found my article.

Nancy writes, “My mom called me this A.M. and told me that her boss, Josephine Femia, googled her name and found your article. That’s how I found your blog. My mom is like a female version of Leo Buscaglia. She is such a positive person even though she has had a lot of adversity in her life. It would make a great story.

Her other daughter Linda writes, “Loved your blog about my mom, Adriana. Just one correction though, Nick & Josephine had nothing to do with the planning of this, this is my mom ALL the time. She’s such a positive person that customers actually have told her that they come in just to feel better. She genuinely LOVES life, even though hers has been less than positive. Thanks for the story!”

PS: I’m her other daughter in Fort Lauderdale

3 powerful lessons here:

ONE: Most people never say anything if they like something. You definitely have customers or you definitely are a customer of many places because they do something a certain way.

If they changed that certain thing you might stop going. For example, when I go to the diner under my building and order my grilled chicken sandwich or turkey burger, every single time, my man, Sammy, brings me like 10 pickles. He knows I love pickles and I don’t even have to ask him for extra pickles anymore.

Most people are too busy to say something nice. But if you believe in what you’re doing and people are coming back and referring you then don’t stop what you are doing!

It could be the smallest thing that people really enjoy…the free prize! (Or, the pickles!)

TWO: Recognition is very nice. However, if you’re in business to be recognized you’re in the wrong field. If you are doing what you love day in and day out then people will take notice. Not because you ask them to but because they want to recognize you.

THREE: Have fun with what you do. If you don’t love it quit. You will never succeed if you don’t love what you do.

Adrianna is successful because she loves making people laugh and feel great and singing her heart out. Mark Zuckerberg is successful because he loves connecting people. Bill Gates is successful because he loves software. Sergey Brin and Larry Page are successful because they love organizing information. Steve Jobs is successful because he loves innovating. And on and on and on…

Your template: I am successful because I ____________and I _____________and I_____________and although people may not really say anything to me I keep getting raises, I keep getting new clients and people continue to refer me and are wanting to work with me.

Thanks Nancy for emailing me and we’ll definitely do a follow up story about your Mom soon.

P.S. Tell your mom to leave a pitcher of water for me with extra lemons on the table next time. I love lemon water and I hate bothering waiters because I used to be one!

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