The best dog in the entire world…

August 29, 2007          Comments (5)

George is my dog. Like, for real, he is my dog. But anyone who knows George knows that he isn’t any old 230 pound dog.

Not only is he the biggest teddy bear in the world but he takes in the paper for my mom every morning.

I must confess that although my hairy brother is brilliant my mom did train him. Every day she would walk with him to the top of the driveway with cheese (that’s his kryptonite).

First, she trained him to pick up the paper. My mom would applaud, hug, rub and feed George every time he did it.

Like Pavlov’s experiment, George quickly realized that if he wanted the cheddar he’d have to perform.

Then, my mom would run ahead of him and reward him again if he didn’t drop the paper. Finally, she trained him to drop the paper once he got into the house.

George now does this every morning like clockwork. When my mom told me this over the phone I really didn’t believe her until I saw it with my own eyes.

George knows that if he wants the cheese, he’s got to get the paper. His genius dog brain probably works like this:

Paper…cheese…paper…cheese…paper…cheese…water from toilet bowl.

Now there are a million directions I could have taken this story. But I’m going to finish it like this…

George knows that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

Anyone for a snausage?

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Second installment for Conde’ Nast

August 28, 2007          Comments (0)

I just spoke with the great folks at Conde’ and my second series of Q & A’s is now available.

You can ch-ch-ch check it out here.

And if you haven’t read the first one here ya go.

I will be doing a series of Q & A’s every Tuesday. You can and should read For my XX chromosome readers, it’s highly entertaining, filled with all of the celebrity gossip you could possibly want, and of course, informative.

That’s gotta be a win-win-win.

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Make $500 cash money by helping me sell my car…

August 24, 2007          Comments (0)


This seriously might be the easiest $500 you could ever make. Read on…

In the book Freakonomics there is an interesting chapter about real estate agents.

Real estate agents are in business to sell as many houses/condos as possible. They earn their pay by getting commission based on the property value of the house they sell. But they have a lot of deals going on at once and they much rather quickly and easily lock up the sale as opposed to holding out for say an extra $10,000.

An interesting study found that an agent keeps her own house on the market an average ten extra days waiting for a better offer, and sells it for over 3 percent more than your house or $10,000 on the sale of a $300,000 house. That’s $10,000 going into her pocket that doesn’t go into yours. The problem is that the agent only stands to gain an additional $150 by selling your house for $10,000 more which isn’t much reward for a lot of extra work.

So here I am. I have a car that has been sitting in my mom’s garage for over two years now. It’s my baby and everyone tells me I should sell it since I don’t need to drive anymore being that I live in NYC. I keep thinking that I may need it to travel, etc,. etc.

The bottom line is that it’s still sitting there doing nothing but depreciating and in 5 years time it’ll still be sitting there.

I have a buyer for my car who is willing to pay $11,000. But this isn’t any old Toyota Celica. It’s mine. It has a custom body kit on it and I can guarantee that you will never see this exact car on the road.

Since I have a buyer for $11,000 and if I’m going to pay out $500 we have to at least sell it for $12,000 for it to make $ense.

If you know anyone that is looking for a great little sports car (fully loaded) and they buy my car, I’ll give you $500 cash. And if you want my car, we’ll work something out!

NOTE: Blue book value is $13,000 and of course that doesn’t include the body kit.

Now go make yourself some money and have a great weekend!

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Who is Conde’ Nasts’ New Resident Fitness Expert?

August 21, 2007          Comments (2)

I am!!!

I will be doing a series of Q & A’s and videos for them.

I’m thrilled about this opportunity because it will allow me to help and impact more people.

You can read the first Q & A series here.

As always, it would be my pleasure to help you achieve your health and fitness goals! I truly live for my clients’ success and I know any one of my clients would attest to that.

Thank you to all for your amazing support!

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Boom Selectaaa

August 20, 2007          Comments (2)

It’s Monday morning and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, as always. I just had an amazing two weeks in the most holy land on this planet. That’s pretty crazy. Whether you believe in God or not…that’s pretty powerful.

In Israel, we had a chance to sit down with a guy from the suburbs of Michigan who moved to Israel 13 years ago. This guy was so perplexed by the question of where we came from and why we are here that he has dedicated his life to learning about it.

I forget the exact word he used, but basically, he said that human beings are supposed to experience joy at all times. Obviously, this is not realistic…or is it?

On the way home from Israel, I had the good fortune of sitting next to a Rabbi from Brooklyn. After learning he was a Rabbi, I asked him two questions. What is the purpose of life and how did we get here.

The answers to these questions led to an incredible 2 hour conversation. He was saying how so many people in this world who seem to have everything are so unfulfilled. He believes the solution to feeling fulfilled is to believe in God. He also believes that the purpose of life is to be happy…whatever that means, and to get married and raise a family. God has a plan for you and me and all of us, according to the Rabbi.

If you want something and you feel it then so does God.

I also asked him if he felt that God wanted me to be sitting next to him and if we were supposed to be having a conversation. He said, “Yes, of course! Everything happens for a reason.” He later confessed to me that when he first got on the plane he tried moving his seat because he didn’t want to be near a bunch of kids.

My take away from my past 2 weeks of my life is this:

Life is absolutely amazing. Why do people fight? Why do people hate what they do? Why do people hold back? Why do people not give it their all? Why do people complain as opposed to doing? Why do people not go after their true dreams? Why do people not believe in themselves?

Why can’t you be whoever the hell it is you dream of? Why can’t you have the body you desire?

I know the answer and it’s the reason why MyBodyTutor is taking off.

Life happens. There are too many distractions. There are too many hours to be worked. We are forgetting about what it is we really want to do and we keep making excuses. We keep lying to ourselves.

It’s the same reason why every mega successful person I’ve ever studied has personal coaches, trainers and a personal army of support behind them.

When you lie to yourself you feel like crap. There’s no doubt that when you wake up in the morning with a plan do X, Y and Z and actually get it done you feel better than if you were not do it.

And life is too short to not feel great as often as possible!

Why can’t be a company with tens of thousands of clients and hundreds of tutors one day?

Why can’t you do what it is you really want to do?

There’s not one good reason in the world. In the end, we’re all just going to be buried 6 feet under the ground.

I’ve never felt this inspired and pumped up in my entire life to make my dreams come true…

There’s nothing stopping me…

Or you.

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Back from Israel…

August 17, 2007          Comments (0)

Wow! All I can say is Israel is an absolutely gorgeous place. I had some amazing experiences that I will never forget.

In the past 10 days I swam in the Dead Sea, rode a camel, made a wish at the Wailing Wall, slept under the most insane sky, went to Jerusalem, went to Tel-Aviv, heard a survivor of the Holocaust tell her story, met someone who believes in what he is doing more than anyone I’ve ever met, ate some weird foods, met some extremely interesting people, heard some amazing stories and visited so many cool places and things.

But for me, what I’ll remember most, is the people that I experienced all of this with. It’s amazing how close you can get with people by riding around in a tour bus for 9 straight days, not sleeping that much, going out with them, staying in the same hotels and ultimately experiencing the same life changing, mind opening 10 days together.

One of the questions that fascinates me most is why are we here and how did we get here. I was hoping to get some more clarity on these; the most perplexing, mind boggling questions of all time.

Of course, no one really knows the answer. Everyone believes in their ‘God’ and that the stories and events that have formed their religion is the way it all happened. Personally, I’m not a big fan of organized religion.

Almost every single war is based on religion. Millions and millions of people have been killed by other people for defending ideas they think are right.

Think about that.

We all are given one shot at life. Forget religion, forget race, forget how much money you make, forget it all. We are given this one shot at life to make the most of it and we – human beings – kill other human beings?

More to come. A lot more.

P.S. If you are Jewish and under 27 years old, you should sign up for Birthright. There is absolutely no reason in the world not to go. In fact, If you are reading this blog than you are an open minded person. So, do yourself a favor and take advantage of this amazing opportunity! You won’t regret it.

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This world is absolutely amazing…time to travel!

August 6, 2007          Comments (4)

Did you ever think about space? Or why we are here? Or how many millions of galaxies there are? It’s mind blowing.

There are also billions of stars. The amazing thing is that when you’re looking at a star, you’re seeing it as it appeared millions and millions of light years ago. That’s how far it is…or was.

But our Earth is absolutely amazing too.

It’s time to see it.

One of my new goals is to travel to at least one really cool place every single year.

Well, tonight, I’m off to Israel.

I won’t be back until August 16th and I’ll have limited access to email and voice mail.

I look forward to coming back more inspired, energized and pumped up than ever before.

And thank you to my amazing clients for understanding!


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