I have the best clients in the world!

September 12, 2007          Comments (1)

Some of my clients are absolutely hilarious. Jason Stuken and Co. happen to be a few of my hilarious clients.

Jason also happens to be one of my biggest promoters (and great at what he does for a living). He has referred me to countless people.

He is the awesome executive recruiter I told you about that joined my program. He is hooked. And has lost 18 pounds and 3 inches with my program so far.

I wanted to share with you an email (abrreviated) that was going back and forth between Jason, his father, his brother in law – Neal (who happens to be a client), Neal’s wife and me.

Jason has been telling me how badly he wants his father to do my program.

Oh and Jason calls me Guru.

From my original client, Jason, to his father, Paul:

Okay. Enjoy the weekend. I’m going to have the Guru, Adam Gilbert, call you Sunday night to discuss the game plan, and you go full force on Monday – ok????

Father’s reply back to Jason:

I’m ready. Sure you don’t want a clean cutoff on 9/1?

From Jason back to his father, Paul:

NO WAY – I even told him to start Monday, and to be all over you during the Labor Day weekend so you don’t go nuts at the BBQ.

I just spoke to the guru, he has your cell and your home phone…he is also cc’d to this email. He will call you between 7-9ish or so on Sunday night…or whatever is best for you…it will be about a 45 minute convo, If you’re not around he will leave you a message, and you can call him back….but it starts Monday full force, no more excuses…

Guru — take care of my old man. He needs to drop 30lbs (minimum)…..thanks for your help.

Paul to me:

We’re usually out [eating] evenings so the back end of the time frame is probably best.

Jason to me:

So I just spoke to my dad who said, “So does this guy sort of follow the Atkins thing?”

“Not at all…I don’t think you’re going to be eating bacon and cheese everyday…”

“But that diet does work…”

Good luck guru.

Neal, to all of us:

Tell him its modified Atkins… lots of lean protein, and low carb / complex carbs; and only difference between this and Atkins is he can’t eat a plate of bacon for breakfast every day, and he has to stop pouring blue cheese sauce onto his steak!

Jason to all of us:

Oh yeah that’s another thing. My father dunks everything in sauce…and I’m talking like Michael Jordan circa 1987…

Good luck!

[Update: Paul has already lost 10 pounds. The man is in the zone!]

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