This is BIG!

November 29, 2007          Comments (2)

You remember that guy I told you about? Well, he has lost 31 pounds since that post.

How did he do it? The good old fashioned way. No surgery. No pills. No cookie diets. No grapefruit diets. Just by eating healthy meals and exercising CONSISTENTLY!

The problem for most, if not all of us, is that it’s just too easy to make excuses making it almost impossible to stay consistent.

31 pounds! Oh did I mention to you that he is 66 years old!?!?!?

I have helped countless clients lose weight but this one is very special for me. His son, Jason, has been a Godsend. He has referred so many clients to me. When he called to tell me that he really wants me to work my magic on his father and that he was counting on me I wanted to come through in a big way for him.

He is also a true class act. Every month he sends me a check for him and his father. Now, that’s a good guy.

I think it might be time to hire a PR person. This is newsworthy!

Look out for Paul and me on the Today show soon…

I can see it already.

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The Patriots and Perfection and The Price Of It

November 26, 2007          Comments (2)

As much as we all enjoy watching the underdog win we also enjoy watching perfection. The New England Patriots played the Philadelphia Eagles last night and were losing in the 4th quarter. Extremely rare for the Patriots this season who in my opinion are going to go 16-0.

They did wind up winning and I’m sure many people were upset about that.

The same reason why I’d like to see the Patriots go 16-0 is the same reason why I love Michael Jordan and also enjoy watching Tiger Woods and a perfect game being thrown. These guys/teams are winners. They find a way. They make it happen. They don’t make excuses. They are the best in the world.

However, as a person, seeking perfection is extremely dangerous. In fact, if you seek perfection you will never be happy or satisfied and you will also never do anything. You’ll suffer from analysis paralysis which is an awful habit of over thinking something until you don’t do anything.

Microsoft has released many bugged versions of their product knowing that they’d improve upon it. If they had sought perfection from day 1, they would have done nothing.

Although I want to do whatever I do to the absolute best of my ability, I know it’s impossible to achieve perfection.
As much as I talk about marketing and design and all sorts of business lingo my website for my business ( isn’t the greatest in the world. I have about ten million ideas in my head of how I intend to make my company the company I dream of.

However, I can’t do or have everything I want right now.

But my website served its purpose. It proved to me that my idea works in a big way and that’s all that matters. If I let my perfectionist ways get the best of me, I would have never launched my company.

I would have never launched And that means I would have never started the Ultimate Discount Card.

I wouldn’t have ever done anything. In fact, this blog wouldn’t exist!

There is no such thing as perfection! It’s all about progress…

And as long as you are making continual progress personally and professionally that is all that counts in my eyes.

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Happy Thanksgiving (And one of My Most Popular Posts Ever!)

November 22, 2007          Comments (0)

Last year I wrote a post about a boy named Shaya. I got more email from that post than any other post I have ever written. Several people told me that this post made them cry.

So, I think I’m going to make it a tradition to post it every Thanksgiving as it marks the official beginning of the holidays and the season of giving.

Here it is:

My holiday gift to you: The Secret of Happiness (A Holiday Message)

Today, in honor of this season of giving and joy, I have a special gift for you. It comes not in a light blue box with a fancy ribbon, but in the unadorned text of the message you’re about to read.

It reveals one of the great secrets of marketing, of life, of how to connect with people, and, most of all, how to experience unsurpassed joy any time you wish.

This is my holiday gift to you, a true story that will hopefully touch your heart.

This story is about a father of a disabled child, named Shaya.

This story was originally reported in New York newspapers. It was so touching, it spread like wildfire across the internet, and many began to question, “Did this really happen, or is it just another urban legend?”

Yes, This Story Really Is True.

Well, that’s the amazing part of this story. It is true. In fact, because of all the buzz, a web site called “” investigated and has reported that, yes, the story is indeed true. It has also been confirmed by a highly respected Rabbi and author, Paysach Krohn of Brooklyn, who says that he personally knows the participants and that every word of the story is true as originally reported.

As I said, the story is about Shaya, a learning disabled boy in Brooklyn.

On weekends, Shaya and his dad like to go for walks. As they do, they like to stop and watch the neighborhood boys play baseball.

On this one Sunday afternoon, as they approached the ball field, Shaya looked up at his father and asked, “Dad, do you think they would let me play?”

Now, this gave Dad a dilemma. He knows his son is learning disabled, very uncoordinated, and has never played baseball before.

But Dad also knows that the neighborhood boys have always treated Shaya with kindness. And he feels that if he, his father, doesn’t speak up for Shaya, who will?

So he walked over to one of the boys and asked, “What do you think about letting Shaya in the game?”

The boy didn’t know what to say, and looked around to his teammates for guidance. Not getting any, he took matters into his own hands. He said, “Well, we’re about to start the eighth inning, and we’re losing by six runs. I don’t think we’re going to win this game, so what’s the difference? Get him a glove and he can play behind second base, in short center field,” which Shaya did with a big smile on his face.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Shaya’s team rallied and scored three runs. But they were still losing by three.

In the bottom of the ninth, they rallied again. They had three runners on base, two out, and it was Shaya’s turn to bat.

Dad wondered, will they even let him bat? But without hesitation, one of the boys shouted, “Shaya, you’re up!” and he was handed a bat.

But as he stood at home plate, it was obvious to all that Shaya didn’t even know how to hold the bat, let alone hit with it.

So the pitcher moved in a couple of feet and lobbed the ball very softly so Shaya could at least make contact.

Shaya swung and missed by a wide margin. Before the second pitch, one of Shaya’s teammates called out, “Hold on, let me help him. Let me show him how to bat.”

This boy came and stood behind Shaya, and put his arms around him so the two boys were now holding the bat together.

The pitcher moved in a couple more feet and again lobbed the ball as softly as he could.

The two boys swung the bat together and managed to tap a soft grounder right back toward the pitcher. Shaya’s teammates yelled, “Run, Shaya! Run to first!” And he took off for first.

But the pitcher pounced on the ball in an instant and could easily have thrown Shaya out at first, ending the game.

Instead, the pitcher took the ball and, with obvious intention, threw it on a high arc way over the first baseman’s head, all the way into the outfield.

Shaya was safe at first. The first baseman turned him toward second and said, “Run, Shaya, run to second!”

But by then, the right fielder had chased down the ball and he, too, could have easily thrown Shaya out, at second.

But he understood what the pitcher had done.

So he threw the ball not just over second base, but way over the third baseman’s head, so far that nobody was going to retrieve that ball.

As Shaya chugged into second base, the opposing shortstop ran towards him, turned him towards third base and shouted, “Run, Shaya, run to third!”

Of course, by now the three runners who had been on base had scored. The game was tied, Shaya represented the winning run, and his teammates were screaming with excitement.

As Shaya rounded third base, every boy from his team and several from the team on the field were all running behind him, cheering him home.

And as he put his foot on home plate, both teams gathered around him, lifted him on their shoulders and cheered him as the hero of the game. He had just hit a home run and won the game.

These boys gave Shaya the thrill of his life. Of course, they gave him something even more precious – their acceptance.

The Secret of Happiness…

Obviously, these boys had either been taught, or perhaps had discovered on their own, the greatest secret of human happiness.

And that is…

We experience our moments of purest joy at precisely those moments when we are causing it in others.

It is a truism of life—whatever we give out comes back to us, multiplied. Which brings me back to the beginning of this message…

If you want to experience some genuine joy, all you need do is take a few moments to spread some around.

So maybe it’s time to call an old friend who needs calling, to forgive what needs forgiving, to let a family member hear some healing words, to write that note that needs writing, to smile an accepting smile at the next disabled person you encounter, or perhaps to just relax in the moment with someone older who’d love your undivided attention for a few minutes, as all living things thrive on attention.

Of course, you may ask, what does all this have to do with effective marketing, the usual subject of my blog?

Nothing, really.

And everything.

As Malcolm Forbes was fond of saying, “In all thy getting, get understanding.”

It’s vital for all of us to understand that our prospects and customers are people, too . . . and people like to connect with others who are unafraid of showing a little humanity, of taking some time now and then to share a laugh, feel some warmth, express some sympathy, appreciation and gratitude, do a favor, help a charity, be a friend.

Whatever your product, however impressive your expertise, people will never care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Every now and then, toss a few pebbles of caring into your pond of contacts. Those ripples of friendship will spread and unfailingly return to you in waves of appreciation and loyalty.

Finally, I thank you for being such a loyal reader!

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The Egg White and Turkey Test – Do You Pass It?

November 16, 2007          Comments (3)

Every once in a while, on my way home from the gym in the mornings, I’ll get myself breakfast. Nothing crazy. I’ll get egg whites and turkey in a whole wheat wrap. It’s amazing. Well, at least to me it is.

I would say one out of every ten times I order this it gets messed up. Usually, they throw in cheese. I don’t like cheese except on pizza.

It’s very frustrating as I’m all set to eat my breakfast. I have my little protein shake. My paper and my egg white and turkey wrap. It’s a beautiful thing.

I open it and boom there is cheese. I won’t eat it. Not even for health reasons. I just don’t like it. I then have to make my own egg whites, which I usually do anyway, but it’s annoying to say the least.

I’m paying $4.00 for something that would cost me about 60 cents to make myself.

The next time I go back to the place, I’ll usually tell the manager after I emphasize egg whites and turkey only. See, I used to request egg whites and turkey and NO cheese. Bad move and I quickly realized it.

These grill guys hear cheese and it’s going on there whether I want it or not. It used to happen to me when I would ask for no cheese on my hamburgers.

Anyway, I must say that every time, except once, the manager of the particular place has apologized and made good on it by not charging me.

This is refreshing and smart. $4.00 and the principle of my anti-climatic breakfast is worth more to me (or caused me more hassle) than it is to them.

Hats off to the managers at Pax Whole Foods and Teresa’s Gourmet for passing my accidental egg white and turkey test.

Maybe when you Google your business this will come up and you can reward your managers for doing the right thing.

It’s happened before!

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What I Would Do If I Was A Broker…

November 12, 2007          Comments (5)

For those keeping score at home…I moved. I now live on 61st between 2nd and 3rd avenues in NYC. Moving anywhere is a huge hassle but especially in New York!

Most buildings require you to go through a broker but dealing with a broker is like having to use some one else’s hands to eat but they are too busy doing something else. The person knows you are hungry but they could care less. In fact, not only don’t they care but they will try to take all of your food too.

I went through 4 different brokers because all of these people forgot to do one important thing: Listen. They wanted to show me apartments that they wanted to show me. Not apartments I wanted to see.

I don’t appreciate having my time wasted. And in the end I didn’t even use a broker.

Being a broker must be a tough gig. No one wants to deal with you and most people don’t value your service. I’ve never met anyone who was happy to pay their broker. I’ve also never met anyone who has recommended their broker.

“Adam, I have this guy. You must use him. He only charged us a $35,000 broker fee and get this…he even waived the application fee for us!” Doesn’t happen.

What if your broker met you where you wanted instead of you having to go to their offices that are usually far away from where you want to look? What if she took you out for lunch? You sat down and she genuinely and sincerely wanted to learn more about you and why you’re moving. She’d also learn about my budget and where I wanted to move and what days and times are good for me to check out places.

Depending on your situation she would say something like, “Yes. I know moving sucks. But listen. I am going to be 1000% committed to making this as painless as possible for you. I know. Believe me. But, just know that I won’t stop until we find something that you totally love.”

Or she might say something like, “Wow! That’s so exciting. Congrats! So moving in with the girlfriend huh? That’s great. This is so exciting and I want to find a special place for you two. I’ll make it happen. You have my word.”

Or, “I know. I know the city is big. I know it can be overwhelming but you remember when you were overwhelmed at first by high school? Now look at you. Before you know it, you’ll feel like you own this place. Now, tell me. What do you think you like and where do you think you want to live?”

She’ll also say something like listen, “I know the rates we and all brokers charge are very expensive. But I want you to know one thing. I will break my back for you. I am determined to find the best possible place for you for the least amount of money. Your happiness is my goal.”

Once the quick lunch is over she’d say something like, “Okay Adam, so let’s meet on Sunday at 11 AM because that’s the most convenient time for you. I will have at least 10 places to show you and all of these places will meet your exact specs because I don’t want to waste your time.”

I would leave our initial meeting relieved and feeling that I am in very good hands. I’d also have high expectations.

But here is where the magic happens. If she actually delivers on her word then she will get a lot of referrals from me and not because I have to but because I want to. I (and most everyone) appreciates when someone goes out of their way for them.

Here is a girl that is going above and beyond and taking something that is painful and making it stress and pain free.

Three weeks later, I’d get a letter in the mail congratulating me on my new apartment with a gift card to a place like Best Buy or Bed Bath & Beyond or Home Depot. (The expensive broker fee can easily justify that.)

That’s a broker I would have loved to use and would have gladly paid.

It’s the little things that really count. Always.

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“Adam, that was a great response. Yet another proof point that you have a huge gift.”

November 8, 2007          Comments (3)

One of my clients wrote that to me this morning after we exchanged emails about some challenges she was dealing with.

It made my day. Every time a client writes something really nice I save it. I have over 1000 really nice compliments. The types of compliments that you read over and over again when you need some inspiration.

I am a sucker for praise. Who isn’t?

But it’s amazing how many people feel under appreciated. I’ve read in countless management books (and I know first hand) that a thank you goes a long way. A sincere thank you though. A heart felt thank you.

How many times have you spent your hard earned money somewhere and been treated like your money doesn’t matter. Treated as if they could care less about you. I hate it. We all have so many choices and options available to us. Why in the world would I spend my money with you if you don’t give a shit? Maybe you do.

But I don’t know that unless you tell me or better yet show me.

I tell my clients how much I appreciate them from time to time. They allow me to do what I love doing. This is what I want to with my life.

I would go to the moon and back and back again for my clients. I am NOTHING without my clients. I don’t have a business unless I have clients.

We all like to feel appreciated. Even Grandma Ester for her ‘famous chicken cutlets’ likes to feel appreciated.

It’s comments and praise like this that keeps me going. This is why I know my program will change the world. This is why I know I’m onto something absolutely huge.

2 things for you to do today.

One: If you are a business owner email or call your clients. Tell them how much you appreciate their business. I can’t remember the last time I got an email from a company simply thanking me without ANY sales pitches.

Two: If you are not a business owner email or call your loved ones. Tell them how much they mean to you. How much you appreciate them.

I bet it’ll make their day.

Just like this made my day!

[1 hour after writing this a client writes me this: “I increasingly feel the need to trumpet your program from the rooftops. I was actually tossing around your business model (from what I’ve seen of it) and was trying (for the hell of it) to poke holes in your approach. I guess I’m just floored that you’re the first person/this is the first program to ever begin to make a dent in my ingrained bad behaviors.

I’m EXTREMELY strong minded, and tried-and-true therapists and outpatient clinics couldn’t make a dent in my “bad coping mechanisms”. Also, I’m wearing the clothes I wore when I was absolutely killing myself at the gym for hours every day, and not eating. The power of consistency is mind blowing.” ]

Wow! I really do have the best clients in the world. And thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every single one of my clients for allowing me to do what I absolutely love doing!

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