The Patriots and Perfection and The Price Of It

November 26, 2007          Comments (2)

As much as we all enjoy watching the underdog win we also enjoy watching perfection. The New England Patriots played the Philadelphia Eagles last night and were losing in the 4th quarter. Extremely rare for the Patriots this season who in my opinion are going to go 16-0.

They did wind up winning and I’m sure many people were upset about that.

The same reason why I’d like to see the Patriots go 16-0 is the same reason why I love Michael Jordan and also enjoy watching Tiger Woods and a perfect game being thrown. These guys/teams are winners. They find a way. They make it happen. They don’t make excuses. They are the best in the world.

However, as a person, seeking perfection is extremely dangerous. In fact, if you seek perfection you will never be happy or satisfied and you will also never do anything. You’ll suffer from analysis paralysis which is an awful habit of over thinking something until you don’t do anything.

Microsoft has released many bugged versions of their product knowing that they’d improve upon it. If they had sought perfection from day 1, they would have done nothing.

Although I want to do whatever I do to the absolute best of my ability, I know it’s impossible to achieve perfection.
As much as I talk about marketing and design and all sorts of business lingo my website for my business ( isn’t the greatest in the world. I have about ten million ideas in my head of how I intend to make my company the company I dream of.

However, I can’t do or have everything I want right now.

But my website served its purpose. It proved to me that my idea works in a big way and that’s all that matters. If I let my perfectionist ways get the best of me, I would have never launched my company.

I would have never launched And that means I would have never started the Ultimate Discount Card.

I wouldn’t have ever done anything. In fact, this blog wouldn’t exist!

There is no such thing as perfection! It’s all about progress…

And as long as you are making continual progress personally and professionally that is all that counts in my eyes.

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  1. Your posts are always so insightful and inspiring. You need to write a book adam.

    Comment by Bill — November 26, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

  2. Thanks, Bill! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoy my blog!


    Comment by Adam — November 26, 2007 @ 6:24 pm

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