Why Bloomberg should be President (Let’s talk politics)

February 7, 2008          Comments (1)

The December 17th issue of Time had some startling statistics on voters. According to Time, Democrats picked ‘good judgment’ 33% of the time and Republicans picked it 21%, when asked what the most important quality of a candidate is.

The other choices were leadership, character, experience and caring about people.

Call me crazy but how is good judgment not the top choice by a landslide regardless of what party you’re affiliated with.

If you have bad judgment experience means absolutely nathan. A person with good judgment would consult with people who have experience. Clearly, judgment is more important than experience.

Leadership and caring about people are fairly silly concepts that have little to do with presidential job performance. Obviously you don’t want a wimp or a sociopath in the White House but I think the bar is already set low. And all of the candidates clear it with room to spare.

Character is important in exactly the same sense that good health is important. You need a minimum of both to be a suitable president. But the bar isn’t set that high for either health or character. You can have polio, or be a liar, and it doesn’t seem to have much impact on job performance. All of the current candidates have enough character, and health, for the job.

So don’t you think good judgment should be the most important quality in a president? But how often do you hear someone say that a candidate has good judgment?

Which brings me back to why Bloomberg should be President.

You would think the strongest quality a successful business person has to offer is good judgment. In most cases, if you start with a little money, and end up with a lot, you have to make a lot of good decisions along the way.

As mayor of New York City, Bloomberg has gone after smoking in public, and Trans fat in restaurants. Smoking and bad diet kill more people than any other cause.

That’s a real leader.

And Bloomberg could fund his own campaigns. He wouldn’t owe anyone anything!

Bloomberg for President!

Are you in?

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