Beach Bum Tanning and the problem with commissioned sales people

April 15, 2008          Comments (0)

So last night I went tanning. Yes. I admit it. I go tanning once in a while. I like it. It feels good. The sun is by far my biggest weakness because when it’s nice out, I hate being inside with a passion.

Besides, I’m not going tanning just to go tanning. I’m going to Florida soon to visit my Nanny and I want to have some sort of base tan considering my color right now… Pretty, pretty, pretty pasty and let’s be honest here; I want to look sexy for all the yentas!

I went to the Beach Bum Tanning on 86th and Lexington which is open 24/7 in case your urge to go tanning is irresistible at 3 A.M. Actually, in college, during my Greek God days that would’ve been very useful and I’m sure it is for those people that work odd hours.

Anyway, every single time I go there it’s like a game. They have cute girls that work there that will try to sell you on anything and everything. I witnessed 3 guys and 2 girls get suckered into buying new packages even though they already had packages. It happens every time I’m there.

“If you renew your package today for only $3800 we’ll throw in 50 extra tans, actually, you’ll be able to tan every single day if you want until you’re 100 years old!!! But you have to do this today because no one else will give you this good of a deal!!!”

If you want to work on your negotiating skills; go there.

As I was watching these people part with their money, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. I found it hilarious what these girls were saying and that not one person challenged the bull secretion that was coming out of their mouths.

Whoop, it’s my turn. I walk up to the counter:

“Hi, what’s your last name?”

“Gilbert is the last name. Adam is the first.”

“Address please.”

I say my address. “What would you like to do today, Adam”

“I’d like to do one of the ‘Diamond’ beds from my package.”

“Umm, well, that package expired March 30th. Would you like to get a new package?”

“Umm, not really. Last time I was here, I believe, back in December, I bought a new package to actually save my sessions from my old package. And when I purchased the new package they specifically said that they’d extend it until June so it wouldn’t expire on me again. That’s the only reason why I bought it. That was the deal that we made.”

“Interesting. I’m surprised they did that for you.”

“To be honest, every time I’m here I feel like I’m playing, ‘let’s make a deal’ with you guys. Why is it always so difficult?”

“It’s our management.”

“Interesting. Listen, I respect the hustle but sometimes it’s just too much. Ya know?”

“Uch (under her breath, sort of), your bed will be ready shortly Adam.” (She knew I wasn’t budging and she was visibly frustrated)

“Thank you.”

I really do respect the hustle. But I’ve witnessed countless people in my years of faking and baking get shaken up, spending a lot more money than they wanted to and buying lotions that they most likely never used. You guys have the product. You have by far the best beds anywhere. But stop shaking people down already!

This is the problem with most commissioned sales people. Their best interest is themselves, not the customer. This is the same problem with most businesses.

They’d rather make $75 today and possibly sever a very profitable relationship than make a lot less money (or maybe no money) today and build a relationship that will reward them with thousands and thousands of dollars later on and extremely loyal customers.

Instant gratification baby. Kind of like tanning every day.

Both, not a good long term strategy!

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