What is your definition of success?

April 24, 2008          Comments (3)

Does it involve making boat loads of money? Does it mean you’ll help millions of people change their life? Will you be famous? Are you considered successful once you have a helicopter and a Gulfstream Jet? Does it mean you’ll have ridiculously huge homes?

Or maybe it involves public service and giving back? Will you be very well respected in your field? Will people look up to you? Will you have a Ferrari 360 Modena and a few other gems in your garage? Maybe, just changing one life forever is good enough for you. Will your kids be proud to have you as a parent? Will you have every toy imaginable? Or does it mean you’ve truly made the world a better place?

What does success really mean to you?

My definition of success is to be truly, sincerely and deeply happy. But that means; I’m wildly successful NOW!?

So that means success has nothing to do with money and everything to do with happiness?! So wouldn’t that mean all you need to do is figure out ways to make yourself as happy as possible and to stop doing things that make you unhappy?

But what does happy and unhappy really mean? I think they are such overused terms these days.

For example, when I reflect back on my days of working in public accounting I say I was miserable. But I wasn’t really miserable. I just wasn’t excited. I also learned that how I made money was really important to me.

I want to do something meaningful and exciting.

But what’s meaningful to me, might not be fulfilling for you. If it’s meaningful to me then it’s going to automatically be exciting. Actually, changing people’s lives for the better is thrilling.

Excitement is the new happiness. And I believe that’s what we’re all really after…an exciting life.

At least, that’s what I’m after.

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