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May 21, 2008          Comments (0)

I was watching TV the other night and the movie Click was on TV. Maybe I’m a huge softy but it totally ripped me a new one. And it’s a freaking Adam Sandler movie for God’s sake!

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It might change your perspective on life. It’s sort of like a funny movie version of Paulo Coelho’s must read, The Alchemist. Adam Sandler gets this remote that allows him to fast forward parts of his life but he doesn’t get back the time that he skips.

If a situation he doesn’t like arises, he clicks ahead. He winds up skipping through so many parts of his life to become a partner, then a managing partner, then CEO of the company he works at. But while he fast forwards through his life he’s on auto pilot so he doesn’t remember any of the times he’s had with his kids or wife.

When he wakes up and is like 60 years old he is the CEO of the company but he finds that his wife divorced him, his kids are all grown up and all he wants is his life back because he doesn’t remember any of it!

He skipped through all of the challenging parts in his life; the parts where he was working away at becoming a partner. Anything that was uncomfortable for him, he skipped. Unfortunately, he winds up missing so many parts of his life because he can’t control the remote anymore.

I guess the reason why this movie had such a big impact on me is because that’s a huge fear of mine: To just wake up one day and wonder where the hell my life went.

I’ve alluded to this fear here and here.

Because of this fear, I try to live each day to the fullest. To never take anything for granted. To appreciate the highs and lows. To enjoy the challenges that life throws at us. To actually lean into the tough times and embrace them! And most importantly, to never give up on my dreams. Ever.

I always tell my clients to appreciate the challenge of realizing their health and fitness goals. To enjoy the feeling of wanting to quit. To appreciate the annoying noise of the alarm clock. To embrace the cramps they may get while running. To anticipate the burn they will get when they can’t do that last rep. To enjoy saying no to that cookie.

I hate to say it but, no pain – no gain!

That’s all the stuff that makes you feel so incredible when you accomplish things. That’s what makes people so interesting. The tough stuff. The hard stuff.

It’s ALL about the journey…the thrill. It’s the same reason why people who sell a company for hundreds of millions start another company. It’s not for the money. It’s the day to day challenge and the grind and the ups and downs that they love. And pushing themselves to the limit.

If I had the opportunity to be handed my dream MyBodyTutor company, I’d honestly turn it down. It’s the creating part that’s so much fun. The ups and downs. The challenges. The pursuit of making this happen because I know I can. Growing personally and professionally. Evolving as a human being. To become a better person and entrepreneur each and every day.

I find I am, and I believe most people are, drawn to and very interested in people who went through uncomfortable things and challenges and persevered.

That’s what adds character and depth and perspective to someone.

And if you don’t have any of that…that’s pretty, pretty, pretty boring!


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