Warning: If you like reality TV you should read this!

July 16, 2008          Comments (2)

And if you want to be a future reality TV star you must read this!

I admit it. I watch my share of reality TV. It’s mindless entertainment and sometimes that’s just what we need.

As we all know by now, reality TV isn’t really reality. It’s just using ‘real’ people to stage scenes, etc.

The intoxicating allure of it has created so many new ‘stars’ that aren’t even actors. They are just reality TV stars. Take, for example, ‘New York’ from the hit series, “I love New York.” She really is trying to make it as an actress in Hollywood now.

But the problem is no one cares about her acting abilities. People just care to watch her ‘reality’ and her search for love. Let’s look at Brooke Hogan. She is (or was) an aspiring pop star. On the reality show, “Hogan knows best” they showed her singing and working out and really trying to make it happen.

Again though, I don’t really care about her singing abilities. I’m more interested in seeing her ‘reality’ and because of this her singing career isn’t going anywhere; yet her reality show career seems to just be getting started. Some might say Joe Simpson is a genius for getting his kids their own reality shows.

After all, exposure is the name of the game. A lot of fun and exciting things can happen from exposure. But if you’re not exposing yourself to what you stand for, to what your business is and to what you’re trying to accomplish then I think you’re doomed.

Why take someone who has real talent (or at least the ability to sell lots of albums) like Jessica Simpson and turn her into a ‘Paris Hilton’ type? No one cares about Jessica Simpson’s singing career anymore.

Let’s take for example, Bethenny Frankel of “The real housewives of NYC.” Even though I have a huge crush on her, I’m not so sure this was the best move for her. She is an entrepreneur, “A celebrity natural food chef” as she likes to call herself and is trying to build a brand. She wants to ‘democratize health by making it accessible to everyone’.

I am all for that. However, the problem is I don’t really care about her business endeavors anymore (I watched her on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice). I care more about her relationship with her boyfriend. Are they together? Are they not together?

How about Bret Michaels who had his own show called “Rock of love”. I was never a Poison fan. And I’m sure he has plenty of new fans who’ve never heard a single song of his.

I certainly don’t care when he’s releasing his next album. All I know is that he made the saying, “Will you rock my world?” popular again and I’m curious to know if he’s still with Amber.

But then you have an enterprising woman like Patti Stranger who stars in her own reality show, “Millionaire Matchmaker.” I think this is a brilliant move. Her show is about her business. And her business is interesting enough that people want to watch her (and her clients) in action.

Even the “Making the band” series by Puff Daddy isn’t a terrible idea. However, when he’s on his 4th or 5th season (I can’t keep track of them anymore) you begin to question if he’s in the business of making ‘hot’ records or just ‘hot’ reality TV. There’s no authenticity behind his shows anymore (and that’s critical) but they are fun to watch.

And that serves a purpose too. But for him. Not for the aspiring singers or rappers. It’s his show. He’s the executive producer. He’s the one getting paid, regardless.

If you just want to be famous, for fame’s sake then by all means sign up for a show. But if you’re really trying to do something besides becoming famous, I’m not so sure it’s your best move unless your show is about your business. Otherwise, you’re branding yourself as a ‘reality TV star’ whether you realize it or not.

And B. Frankel hit me up if it didn’t workout with Jason. I’m sure you use Google Alerts – so I’m sure you’ll read this. Be the cougar you know you want to be.

We’ll take over the health and fitness world together. And we’ll have our own reality show about our businesses.

And then you can say, “GuruGilbert & MyBodyTutor” rocks MY world!

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  1. Great post Adam – Made me laugh a lot! I was put onto your blog a few months ago and it has become one of my favorite blogs to read. Thanks for the great writing!

    Comment by Lauren L — July 17, 2008 @ 11:52 am

  2. Thanks, Lauren. I’m glad to hear it!


    Comment by Adam Gilbert — July 19, 2008 @ 8:00 am

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