If I did it why shouldn’t you?

October 14, 2008          Comments (3)

Pledging my fraternity in college was the best experience I ever had, that I’d never, ever, want to go through again.

I’ll never forget some of my fraternity brothers that went out of there way to be complete assholes to my pledge class. It’s like they had nothing better to do. They enjoyed making our lives miserable.

I love our country. The opportunities are endless to be or do anything you dream of. But everyone has an opinion (and that’s fine) and too many people enjoy bashing our country without a plan of action. I wonder if people would bash our country if they had to actually serve our country.

People probably wouldn’t take it for granted anymore.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to play in a golf outing. Our foursome had a caddy. For someone who caddied for 7 summers doing 36 holes a day lugging golf clubs in the hot sun waking up at 5AM every day, it was a pretty cool experience.

I remember when I caddied how much I hated the members that treated us (the caddies) like dirt. I’ll also never forget the names of the members who were awesome to us. I always dreamed of the day where I’d be in a position to tip a caddy. I’ll never forget all the character building days I had.

Some of my caddy friends at the time always said that if and when they had an opportunity to have a caddy, they’d be an even bigger asshole.

If they had to go through it, why shouldn’t the next guy? Payback is a bitch. I guess.

When I was in a position to have ‘slaves’ as pledge brothers, I never forgot how miserable I was at times during pledging. I never wanted my pledges to experience that feeling. At least not from me. I was the Vice President of our fraternity and was the guy who smiled and hysterically laughed while trying to fake yell at them. It’s just wasn’t me.

I’m overly generous when it comes to tipping waiters. Why? I used to be one. And there was nothing worse than being stiffed after working your absolute tail off for every possible request they demanded. I never want someone to experience that. Because it sucks.

So, I tipped our caddy ridiculously. And that felt absolutely amazing. The guy was smiling from ear to ear. I’ll never forget those loops as they call them (a loop is one round of golf) where I made $300 for something I normally made $100 for. The caddy was in heaven. I gave him all the beer and food he could have possibly wanted. It was more fun for me than it was for him. I’m sure of it.

What’s the point of all of these little anecdotes?


Treat people how you want to be treated.

It’s so simple it hurts.


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  1. Adam,

    It’s probably one of the primary reasons MyBodyTutor is successful, compassion (and for that matter passion). It’s conveyed in everything you do, yet it’s something that so many companies either can’t figure out, or love to screw up.

    As far as tipping wait staff, I tip generously provided they did a good job. I know it’s tough, grueling work and if you’re pleasant, take pride in what you do, and generally take good care of me, I’ll take good care of you. But along those same lines, I’m not going to give you an obligatory 15% just because you’re having a bad day and refuse to be prompt or pleasant.

    Fortunately, you (and I would argue everyone should) find their passion and do what they love, but if you don’t/can’t for whatever reason it’s still your job, and you still need to take pride in what you do. My tips often reflect that.

    Comment by Ryan Stephens — October 15, 2008 @ 3:27 pm

  2. Great post. I had a job selling vacuums door to door this summer. If there’s anyone people hate more than a cop or a telemarketer, it is a door to door salesman. I had more doors slammed on me than a Jehovah’s Witness. I worked 13 hours a day and was only paid on commission. Now when someone comes to my door, I’m delighted to be that one person on the street that was polite and friendly. Those are the poeple that kept my spirit from getting totally crushed.

    My experience with hazing was different. After being put through hell week, I vowed to be the cool guy that was nice to incoming pledges. But then I got to be an upperclassmen and my perspective changed- it just wouldn’t be a house if it wasn’t for the nasty hazing. Sure, I’ll admit I get off on the power a little (who wouldn’t?) but there really is more to hazing than just being a dick. It builds community, and creates selectivity. You can go join any club, pay your fees, and be a part of some shitty non-exclusive group; or you can be proud to be chosen to be a part of something that not everyone can hack it in. After going through a good hell week with a group of guys, there is a sense of bonding and mutual respect for one another that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise. It really breaks down barriers. It’s like going through boot camp.

    Comment by Max Bottaro — October 23, 2008 @ 2:46 pm

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