5 easy and fun to use MyBodyTutor tricks for you on this Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2008          Comments (0)

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Nothing like a good meal, great company and some football!

It’s impossible to be thankful and unhappy at the same time. The two emotions cannot coexist. Thankfulness magically gets rid of every other non-happy emotion there is.

Of course, celebrate the great holiday, but let’s try to mindlessly eat a little less than we otherwise would.

Here’s five ideas for you to use this Thursday:

Wear Your Best Belt and your tightest pants! It’s a lot easier to stop eating when you know you’re full. One great clue is when your clothes and belt starts telling you. Sounds obvious, but stopping when you’re full is probably one of the harder things to do at the Thanksgiving table when everyone else is helping themselves to seconds.

It will be easier to stop if you wear very tight pants because then you’ll have to push away from the table when you’re stuffed. You’ll just be too uncomfortable otherwise.

Save your Calories for Dinner. If you want to be a great guest and enjoy the meal the most, skip the hors d’oeuvres. A great basic rule-of-thumb is don’t eat anything that doesn’t require a knife and fork.

Focus on the Special Stuff. Don’t waste your calories on large portions of food you can eat everyday. Limit the variety you have. Let’s make a rule. Only two items on your plate at any one time. Having a lot of different items on your plate at once stimulates your appetite so therefore don’t have 20 different things on your plate.

Small seconds are better than Big Firsts. Some people show their love through food. Research on memory shows that your Aunt Grace won’t remember how much you take, BUT she will remember if you liked it enough to take seconds. Especially, if you announce it. Take two small helpings of key foods over one medium/large portion.

So here’s the play: Take a little bit of Aunt Grace’s ‘famous’ mashed potatoes. Tell her how great they are. Then go back for seconds and say something like, “Aunt Grace, your mashies are so good I’m taking seconds!” She’ll be really happy because your making her feel good…and your body will be really happy, too because you’ll actually be eating less of them even though you’re going in for round 2.

Forget the Post Dinner Snacks. We won’t starve if we skip the late night turkey sandwich. This is a great time to focus on the family and not on the food.

Most importantly, and this is somewhat counterintuitive, don’t sweat it if you make a dietary mistake or two or three. We all will. And we’ll have the other 364 days to do it right!

Bonus! Want to make everyone laugh at the table? Cut out aluminum foil in the desired shape. Wrap the turkey and cook normally. And when it’s done and ready to be served it’ll look like the picture above. Not only will everyone laugh, a lot, but it’ll also remind you that, before we know it, bathing suit season will be here!

Also, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank all of my amazing clients for allowing me to do what I love doing. I don’t take it for granted, for even a second, that without them I wouldn’t have a business! I also want to thank you, my loyal reader, for reading my blog!

Enjoy your family and friends and, of course, happy Thanksgiving!

[Some really nice comments over at BrazenCareerist.com!]

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My first letter to my future nephew or niece! (I’m going to be an Uncle!!!)

November 21, 2008          Comments (3)

Dear my future nephew or niece!

I have some really exciting news and it’s about you! My sister (yes, your Mom) has a bun in the oven! (A whole wheat one of course.) And I’m soon going to be your very proud Uncle!

You’re 17 weeks old right now, inside your Mom, and you’re making her miserable every day, but, of course, you were worth it!

I must say that the idea of my sister being your Mom is kind of crazy. Not because she won’t be an amazing Mom – because she will be – but because my sister is my sister! Not anyone’s Mom!

Although I’m philosophical, your Mom being pregnant is making me even more philosophical.

[Fun fact: Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Philo means the love of and sophia means wisdom. My Mom (your Grandma!), must be smiling ear to ear (even more than she already is because of the thought of you) with my knowledge of etymology!

And don’t take it personally that she always corrects your English. She still does it to me! What do you expect? She’s a former English teacher and SAT tutor!]

See here’s the thing. While growing up, you’re going to think your parents (My incredible brother (I just call him brother at this point – instead of bro-in-law) and my incredible sister) were put on this planet for one reason: To be your parents!

It’s amazing how tunnel vision works. Your Grandma retired from teaching when she was 55. She taught High School English for 34 years! [Now you know why!?] I remember when I was a little kid, always being in the kitchen while she was making dinner and grading papers simultaneously and asking her all sorts of questions.

“So Mom, do these kids know you have kids?” “Why are you such a hard grader?” Endless questions but mainly because I couldn’t get over the fact that my Mom had students of her own. More so, a life of her own!

Kids, by nature, are extremely self-centered. Some kids stay self-centered their entire life while thankfully most realize there is more to this world than themselves! (I promise that won’t happen to you. Your parents are two of the most thoughtful people I know!)

For a little while, you will think your teachers are ONLY teachers. That your refs for your sports games are only refs. And that the people in your life – have no other life besides the relationship they have with you.

The weird thing is; I’m like best friends with your Mom and Dad. I’ve known your Mom for 25 years and your Dad for 7! Way before you were even an idea and way before they met!

I remember the very first time I met your father! I remember your Mom and Dad getting married and how they planned their entire wedding for a year! I remember when your Mom and Dad used to drive by the house you’re living in before it was built. They used to dream about it. I remember sleeping in your room when I stayed over!

(Don’t worry! I’ll tell you all sorts of hilarious stories but only when they’re not around!)

I want to thank you for helping me to look at life a little differently. It’s given me an entirely new dimension and perspective. A new way to look at my parents. A new way to look at my Aunt.

I’m going to write some letters to you on my blog. I think it’ll be cool for you to read them one day, too. To know what life was like before you were around. It’s cool right? (My sister just called me and said she felt a little kick. I’ll take that as a yes!)

Just know that you’re not even born yet and you’re already loved to death! You are all we talk about! And know how lucky you are. If I had to come back as anyone’s kid, your parents would be on top of the list.

That’s it for now. But just know that we love you and that you’re in for one hell of a ride! The ride of your lifetime!

Oh. And if you’re a boy (crossing my fingers) not only are you going to be a little muscle man but we’re going to do lots of fun things. I promise! You’ll be the little brother I never had. And if you’re a girl – I’ll take you shopping and we’ll build doll houses and whatever you want too! You’ll be the little sister I never had!

Either way, you win, and I’m thrilled and we’re all thrilled for you to be in our life!

I love you!

-Uncle Ad

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If you care more than a lot, MyBodyTutor is the place for you!

November 19, 2008          Comments (0)

Dear potential Body Tutor,

Several months ago I started training 2 people who were going to start handling their own clients.

Sadly, I fired them because I didn’t feel the passion from them. If you don’t really, truly and sincerely love helping and impacting people no hard feelings at all! Just don’t work for MyBodyTutor. You’re going to save yourself a lot of time because you won’t be a good fit.

I don’t say this lightly either. I don’t intend on building a company with mediocre employees. I intend on building a memorable company. And of course, to build a memorable company I have to fill my company with memorable people.

This isn’t going to be my company for much longer. Everything right now is ‘me’, ‘my’, and ‘I’ but once you join and once I start to fill this company with memorable people it will be our company. In fact, I can’t wait for that!

But, I refuse to compromise on the caliber of people I hire as Body Tutors. I am very fortunate to be in a spot where I can be extremely picky and if I think you’re a perfect fit, you’re going to want me to be just as picky once you’re a part of the team.

Because the success of MBT depends solely on finding amazingly caring people who are honest and dedicated to reaching our vision. And, of course, the more successful MBT is…the more successful you will be.

Why? Because small companies that hire incorrectly fail! They don’t probably fail, or maybe fail. They just plain fail. I must hire the right people. In particular, the early Body Tutors must be perfect.

The most important part of hiring correctly is to not hire the wrong people. The second most important part of hiring correctly is to hire the right people. What that means is that it is better for me to not hire anyone at all if I can’t find the right person.

It’s not that hard to tell. The right people are the ones that really, really want to work with me. I can tell they’re excited to be a part of the team. They understand and believe in the mission. They get it. They see the vision. And they want to (have to!) be a part of it.

I’ll absolutely take the fired up Body Tutor any day over the more experienced but otherwise humble alternative. If you care about status symbols like titles, and resent the success of others no hard feelings. Just don’t bother joining the team! Again, you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

This may come across as arrogant. That’s fine. This is my company. My vision. My rules. But if you do join the company…you’ll understand why this is so important that much more.

I am obsessed with helping as many people as I can because I know what we created works. Just wait until you see the capabilities of the MBT application from a client side and the tutor’s perspective! It was built from the ground up with every feature, detail and tool obsessed over.

Any expert in health and fitness who desperately cares about other people’s success will be able to run with the application. That’s the idea.

You might be a stay at home mom. You might be a college student. As long as you are insanely passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. And of course, you eat, sleep and breathe the health and fitness lifestyle.


As I said, I must be insanely picky for every tutor but especially the first 20. Together, we are going to build an incredible company. A company that will change the lives of many. But we must be in this together. The first 20 are going to lay the foundation and pave the road.

I need you to be really loyal and really dedicated. I need you (no, I want you) to be really excited. I promise I will be just as loyal to you, if not more, when we do make this the company I envision.

Before you get in touch with me please read the following blog posts:

1. The post you just read was inspired by this post. (Again, it’s really important to get the right people on the bus!)

2. This is a post on why I care so much about my clients. (If this makes no sense to you – then it won’t make any sense for you to join MBT.)

3. This is a post where I talk about the two greatest days of my life. (In case, you’re wondering why I eat, sleep and breathe MyBodyTutor.)

4. And finally I ask you the question, will you be missed? (That’s what it’s all about for me. That’s how you can judge if you’re having an impact on people or not! If you join MBT there is no doubt that you will be missed!)

You ready?

Thanks for reading either way!


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If you had the choice to buy a brand new car or a brand new website which would you choose?

November 12, 2008          Comments (5)

(By the way, the ALL NEW MyBodyTutor website is launching soon…)

I’m going to try to explain why I bought a website.

It’s kind of weird when I think about it in those terms. But it’s something I had to do. Well, I don’t have to do anything. It’s something I need (must!) do. I could have kept my website the way it is and done well. But I’m not interested in doing well.

I’m interested in doing insanely well.

Last week the President of my old fraternity asked me to do an interview for an Entrepreneurship Class he is taking. One of the questions he asked me was ‘How do you define success? What is success to you? Are you successful?’

Without getting all philosophical and telling him my true definition of success I told him success for me entrepreneurially consists of two things:

One: Impact. How many people am I helping? Am I doing something worth doing? Does it matter? If my business went out of business would it be missed? Do my clients appreciate, love and respect my work?

Two: Profitable. Is this making money? After all expenses (insurance, phone, webhosting, advertising, taxes and on and on) is there anything left? (Notice I didn’t include time. I enJOY (actually love) spending time on my business. It is fun for me. It’s thrilling.

So how much do you believe in what you’re doing? The more ‘successful’ I am the more I believe in what I’m doing.

Wrong! No! Not at all! Not even close!

I believed in what I was doing from day one. I believed in what I was doing when I was sitting in my apartment all alone without anyone to help at 4:40 AM. I believed in what I was doing (or going to do) when I was sitting with the HR Lady at Ernst & Young telling her my plans after I gave my two week notice.

And the ultimate belief test came from my mom. “Are you prepared to not have an income?” “Do you understand you will not have insurance after 6 months?” “Do you realize that going out with your friends might not be possible?” “Do you know how many people would kill to have the job you have?” “Why can’t you just appreciate what you have?”

“Do you know and realize and on and on and on and on and on…” (If it were a movie or a TV show it would have been one of those scenes where the questions get faster and faster and the fear builds and builds.)

My mom was relentless, for a long time, but there was nothing she could do. I have been and am fully self-sufficient for a long time.

I asked her why she was so inspirational to her students yet when it came to me she was the complete opposite. “Why did you inspire Terry to go after his dreams but you don’t with me?”

Read this article! (According to Terry, my mom is the one who inspired him to go after his dreams!)

What finally made my mom stop was when I said something like, “Listen, I know you want the best for me and I know you love me to death but I think everything you worry about and fear for me are things you worry about and fear for yourself. I need to do this, I want to do this and I’m going to do this. And I have to do this!”

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing before anyone has any clue about what you do, you’ll never get anyone to believe in you.

If it’s going to take selling products or positive feedback in whatever it is you want to do to reassure yourself of what you’re doing then you don’t truly believe in what you’re doing.

(Sure, it can make you believe a little more but you have to believe a lot from the start! Before anyone else is on board!)

Or else do not bother starting! Because you will never, ever, finish what you started. And you’re better off using your time finding something that you do believe in with every molecule of your body.

And if you don’t believe in what you’re doing when you’re all alone, when your mind tries to demolish your idea and if you don’t WANT to work on your idea, product, business, dream career, dream job and if you aren’t sincerely obsessed with what you’re doing whether you’re making no money at all and getting no positive feedback or making a billion dollars or have million and millions of people pulling for you, you’d never, ever, pick the website over the car.

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Wall Street Firms Expected To Slash Annual Bonuses. Really? No!?

November 10, 2008          Comments (0)

According to the merriam-webster dictionary the definition for bonus is: something in addition to what is expected or strictly due: as a: money or an equivalent given in addition to an employee’s usual compensation.

With companies like Lehman Brothers going bankrupt, the emergency sales of Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual and federal rescues for the insurance giant American International Group and the mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac how can the word bonus even come up for discussion?

The fact that our tax dollars are being used to bail out these companies and many others and bonus talk is even going on is completely outrageous.

The sad part is these companies employ hundreds of thousands of people cumulatively but only a tiny percentage of the people in these companies brought this all on us. When I say this; I’m referring to the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. I’m referring to people who almost brought down the entire global financial system.

I’m referring to the companies that are going to get over $700 billion beans from us. And please spare me with, “The Government’s money is not being used for our bonus pool”, is what these companies are saying. I don’t care if my money or their company’s money is being used for a bonus. If they have enough money for a bonus why do they even need our money in the first place?

Now all of these guys who made millions and millions on the way up want money on the way down? Did they distribute their wealth when they were doing so well?

Nobody can make a bad business decision in America anymore? Business failure is just as critical for a free market (like the one I thought we lived in) to succeed.

Not every business can thrive (and survive!). Capitalism creates innovation. Innovation leads to a better standard of living because we get to enjoy a higher quality of products and services. Out with the old. In with the new. Survival of the fittest baby.

Unless, the old, is of course, still better. Either way, the free market dictates everything it wants to see more of.

If old systems and processes and ways of doing business (obviously) aren’t working then let them not work. But what’s the incentive for a company like Well’s Fargo (still doing relatively well) to innovate and not make reckless decisions? Why not go for broke if you’re just going to be saved in the end anyway?

When you save industries like the car industry, or large Wall Street ‘Institutions’ or the airline industry what’s the incentive to innovate?

How come Herb Kelleher (one of my heroes) was able to build Southwest into such a profitable company while other airlines were begging for money?

I do understand if we didn’t bail out some of these companies they wouldn’t just affect the people in these companies. It would affect the entire world.

But there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. This isn’t a risk free game. Or is it? And how in the world do these companies even have the audacity to give out bonuses?

Thankfully, MyBodyTutor is doing well but I’ll tell you one thing for sure – if I went out of business because I made bad decisions the government certainly wouldn’t give a flying f$$k!

But I’m so lucky to have clients like Wes. Read this blog post of his and this blog post of his. (Actually, read all of his posts at PickOnTheFatKid.com. My goal is to inspire him (and all of my clients) to be inspiring.)

And I’m so lucky to be doing well in this down economy with all this craziness that was brought on by these Wall Street guys.

It’s too bad I’m not like them. They are lucky no matter what.

(Hat tip: This article for making me ticked off enough to write this post and to Evan for also wondering what happened to a true free market economy!)

[Update: Apparently other US Taxpayers feel the same way! Check out this great article from Bloomberg here.]

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I bet you think this post is about you

November 5, 2008          Comments (3)

Pardon the interruption. Our original programming will not be airing today. Instead we’re going to focus on dealing with criticism. We’re also going to focus on the pathetic individuals who feel the need to constantly criticize and bash other people.

I wasn’t going to write this but I feel it’s very important and very timely for many reasons. One of my friends just sent me a terrible write up about his (very successful) restaurant across the country and he’s pretty upset about it. It almost seemed like a personal attack. Another one of my friends is getting slammed for his new advertising software that is changing the local advertising game. And of course, Barack Obama has faced intense criticism.

So, I told them I’d write a post about me and one that they can hopefully refer to when they feel down and out. I’ve gotten slammed a few times on my blog and if I can help my friends I’m all for it. (Oddly, by people who don’t even really know me. But that’s the way it works.) I also hope this post helps anyone who is (or is thinking about) really putting themselves out there.

In fact, on my post “The Number one quality we should look for in our President” there was a comment waiting for me. I deleted it because it’s not even worth sharing. If it was, I’d share it with you. But it’s not even that juicy.

After reading the comment though it made me smile. Because it means I’m on the right track! But it also made me sad. Let me explain why.

The difference between a person like you (someone who feels the need to constantly criticize other successful people) and a person like me is that you desperately wish you had the guts and the courage to go after your dreams. But you’re scared. You’re timid. You’re afraid of ridicule. You’re afraid of failure. You would keel over if someone said something bad about you.

I’ll tell you a little secret between you and me. I used to be like that too! But the huge difference between a person like you and a person like me is that I never knocked down people who were successful. I learned everything I possibly could from them. I studied them. I emulated them. I admired them! Heck, I even became friends with them!

But yet it absolutely kills you to see other people going after their dreams and making them come true. It kills you to see other people succeed. It destroys you. You are so scared of being disliked that you rather knock other people down then build yourself up. I know. I know. It must hurt.

It really saddens me that you rather spend your precious time (your precious time I said!) writing pathetic comments on my blog then going after your own dreams.

See, I want to (no, I must!) live the life of my dreams. Or at least try! Here’s the thing though. I’m going to die. And one day you will too.

How can you sit back and be timid? How can you not, at least try to, go after your dreams? So what if you fail? It’s the journey where all of the fun is anyway. It’s inexcusable. It’s unforgivable. We get one shot on this Earth buddy.

What are you waiting for? Oh that’s right. You don’t have the guts. You lack self-confidence. You don’t even trust yourself!

I love quotes. And I have a quote framed on my wall that says, “If you’re remarkable, it’s likely that some people won’t like you. That’s part of the definition of remarkable. Nobody gets unanimous praise – ever. The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed. Criticism comes to those who stand out.”

Every single successful person I have ever met in my entire life that is mega-successful from billionaires to young entrepreneurs who are running multi-million dollar businesses to my favorite authors to my favorite bloggers have one thing in common:

They are remarkable.

And even you would be amazed at some of the people I’ve met. I pinch myself sometimes. It’s freaking unbelievable.

These guys and companies and blogs have thousands and thousands of loyal fans. They are loved and respected and admired by so many people. But guess what!?

They are ridiculed and criticized by people too. Every SINGLE successful person I have met in my entire life and studied has (and had) people who try (tried) to knock them down…constantly.

And you know what all of these friends and mentors tell me? Don’t pay attention to them for even a second. They tell me to pay attention to the people who love and respect and admire my work.

And here I am spending my time writing a blog post dedicated to you! That’s how much I care. That’s how much my mom had an impact on me!

It’s taken me a long time to get to where I’m at. I wrote a post a while back entitled “Being Absolutely Fearless.” That was when I started my quest to have really thick skin. Because without it (at least according to these very successful people I know) you have no shot at living a remarkable life.

Jealousy my friend is a very powerful emotion. Being jealous tells you something. But it’s also a very wasteful emotion. Don’t be jealous. Instead, admire!

Being jealous says, “I wish I had or could do or be what this person does or has!” in my opinion.

But the difference between a person like you and a person like me is that you’ll keep hoping and wishing. I’ll keep trying and learning.

You’re so full of yourself that you can’t stand to ask someone for help. You can’t stand to be seen as someone who doesn’t know something. Instead you’ll stay stuck trying to knock people down instead of building yourself up.

You know why I love my clients to death? (Well, there are many reasons actually!) Because they aren’t too proud to ask for help. They don’t want to make excuses anymore. They don’t want to rationalize anymore. They don’t want to be stuck anymore.

Raise your hand in the air. Now raise it one inch higher. See – we can always be pushed a little harder.

But instead you’ll spend your entire life rationalizing excuse after excuse to yourself. The difference between successful people like my clients and you is that they seek help when they need it. You just try to tear people down. Newsflash: It’s much easier to talk than do!

I also get the comment that I’m full of myself on my blog once in a while. I’d like to address that here once and for all.

There’s a huge difference between being full of oneself (some might call that being an egomaniac) and full of confidence.

I think that blogging requires you to have a healthy respect for your opinions, as well as the generous desire to share them with others. That’s not a negative social trait… If you don’t respect your opinions, who will?

And if you don’t want to share the ideas you admire or believe in or even think about, you’re being selfish, aren’t you?

In any case, did you read the words on the top left hand corner? ‘Adam Gilbert’s Entertaining Ideas on Business, Fitness and Life…’ They are just that. Ideas! It doesn’t say ‘Adam Gilbert’s Entertaining ANSWERS on Business, Fitness and Life…’ does it?

And I love hearing other points of view! That’s why I have comments on my blog. That’s why I write some of the posts I do. I’m genuinely curious to hear what other people have to say. I love to make people think. Even if I’m going to get bashed for it. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I’m willing to put myself out there.

Besides, if you don’t like my blog STOP READING IT! Use that back button or X out of it.

So what are you going to do my friend? Continue to write pointless comments on my blog? And continue to spend your Friday nights trying to knock people down?

I’m going to say it’s a safe bet I’ll refer back to this post many times in my career. In fact, I hope to. That means I’m succeeding!

Are you going to keep sitting there and keep hoping and wishing you were someone that you aren’t? You going to keep rationalizing? Or you going to get some advice and help and make your dreams come true so one day you, too, can be successful? (By the way, I define successful as being extremely happy.)

And you know how I know you’re not successful? I don’t know one successful person who stays in on a Friday night trying to bring down other people.

Instead they’d be working their asses off on their own dreams and their own happiness.

[Nice comment over at BrazenCareerist.com.]

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