The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

January 21, 2009          Comments (0)

Every morning, I write a Daily Inspiration for my clients. I believe inspiration, which is very different than motivation, is a critical component to success.

I always hear people say, “I wish I was more motivated!” Unfortunately, motivation has to come from within. I can’t make someone motivated. But, I do believe (and know) inspiration can make someone motivated.

Inspiration is about igniting that fire within.

I don’t think anyone dreams of being overweight or out of shape or tired or unhappy. It just happens. Just like we all have greatness inside of us (it’s just about finding it), we all have a healthy, happy and fit person inside of us.

We all want to be healthy and fit! We just need someone to bring it out of us. By guiding and leading and inspiring my clients along with daily and personal accountability, I make it very difficult for my clients to make excuses and even harder for them to rationalize those excuses. (Which is why I believe I have created an unbeatable program but that’s for another post.)

And you know what? Sometimes they still do. But that’s where inspiration comes into play!

I’ve thought about starting a separate blog that would just have my Daily Inspiration for each day but I’m still undecided.

Anyway, here is what I wrote for yesterday. I usually write them at 5:30 AM and whatever comes to mind I go with:

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions!”

In our society, thankfully, it’s the people who take action that get all the glory. Not the people who dream of taking action or dream of bigger and better for themselves and others.

In other words, it’s the people who do that get the glory. Not the people who want to do or talk about doing.

I had a friend in college that always said things to me like, “I was going to do this for you but…” or, “I saw this and I was going to pick it up for you but…”

Yes. The thought is very nice. But after a while, I realized this friend had good intentions but never followed through on them.

Some people believe that there is no relationship between what a person is and what a person does. This is bull secretion. Unless you are schizophrenic, you become your actions.

One of the things I really try to do is to follow through on every good intention or thought I have. Otherwise, it’s simply an intention. Not a kind act.

This applies to eating right and exercising, of course. We all know people who’ve been talking about losing weight for years.

Or, the people who say they’ll start going to the gym. Or start eating healthy. Or quit smoking.

“I’ll start next month…”

These people are going to wait until all of their lucky stars are lined up and unfortunately, they’ll be waiting for a long time!

The excuses they make and the rationalizations that go with them make sense to them, at the time. However, we know that when there is disconnect between your intentions and your actions, unhappiness ensues.

Eventually, you’ll start to see through your own bull crap and it’s going to really bother you.

I do believe, for the most part, we all have good intentions. We all want good things for ourselves and others. But we also have another side to us that’s constantly going against our true and deepest intentions and desires.

Some might call it our irrational mind or the devil that doesn’t stop whispering in our ear. “Eat that cookie.” “Just relax!” “You’ll workout tomorrow!” “Screw eating healthy!”

Try making all of your intentions into actions.

You’ll truly be so much happier. And remember, whenever you don’t want to follow through: The road to hell is paved with good intentions!


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