Part 2 of my birthday celebration!

February 11, 2010          Comments (1)


Thank you very much for all the birthday wishes yesterday! I really appreciate it.

Many of you have taken advantage of my birthday offer which is great. I know you won’t regret it! The offer lasts until the 17th so be sure to email me, if you’re interested. Again, I hardly ever offer a discount so now is your chance. (The price I charge is already very reasonable!)

Now, let’s get to the second part of my birthday celebration. This is getting fun!

How would you like to have me in your bedroom?

Read on.

Obviously (or maybe not) I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I feel as if I’m doing what I was born to be doing. I love spreading my message. I love talking about my philosophy, and ultimately, what I’m most interested in is inflicting positive change on people.

The best way I know of to do this is by coaching. Nothing is more effective than one on one coaching (with a proven program and application) to make positive change happen. There’s certainly a direct correlation between how much interaction there is and how effective it is.

I think public speaking is another very powerful way to create the transfer of emotion that’s so necessary. And I don’t do enough of it.

So here’s your opportunity to have me in your bedroom or living room or wherever your computer is, FREE!

I’m planning on offering a 30 minute webinar for you and 9 of your friends. I send you a link. You log onto a website at a specific time and date (sometime in the evening) that we agree on and you watch me speak from the comfort of your own home. We’ll all chat together as well. It really is a lot of fun! And it’s with 9 of your friends/coworkers/family members/etc.

I will be talking about how to get the body you want.

We’ll cover:

-Exercise and diet myths that’ll surprise you

-Why 97% of people don’t stick to diets

-Why almost all diets don’t work

-Why diet books are constantly bestsellers

-The best way to prevent cravings

-The best way to stop overeating

-What emotional eating is and how to stop it

-The one question you should ask before starting anything new

-The easiest and most sustainable nutrition program you could ever ask for

-The secret to getting the body you want

-And lots more, plus we’ll open it up so you can ask me any questions you like

Promises: No hard selling, whatsoever. This is about you! My goal is for you to walk away from your desk and be crystal clear on what you need to do to get the body you want.

I’m very confident anyone who is a part of this will get a lot out of it (and have a lot of fun!). Way more than you’ll ever get out of any book, magazine or TV show about diet and exercise and it’s absolutely free.

This is a first come, first served. I’m going to limit this to 10 groups.

If you’d like to be a Champion for your group, here’s what you need to do:

Think of 9 other people that you think would benefit from this. It can be a combo of your friends/coworkers/family, etc. It doesn’t matter.

Email me at adam at mybodytutor dot com with the subject line “Webinar Promotion”. In the email, tell me your name and number so we can speak and include the first names of your guests and their email addresses. I respect your privacy! These email addresses will only be used to send your guests the link for the webinar once you and I agree on a date and time. As soon as the webinar happens, I’ll delete all of the email addresses.

Few important notes:

One: You must email me with the names and email addresses. Please don’t email me saying you’d love to do this without any names or email addresses. The idea is for you to act quickly by sending an email to your peoples, letting them know the deal. It shouldn’t be hard. It’s free!

Here’s a sample email I put together for you:

Hey guys!

So, I read this guy Adam Gilbert’s blog. He runs this company called and it looks pretty cool. It seems as though he’s helped hundreds of people and has really made a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives.

Anyway, on his blog he mentioned this webinar thing. Basically, I need to get 9 people together and he’ll do a live webinar for all of us, for free. Here check out the post (link to this post). He’s going to cover a lot of interesting topics about weight loss and health and fitness and help us get the body we want. What do we have to lose?

Let me know if you’re in asap.


-Your name here

Two: This is an experiment on my part. I guarantee fun, interesting conversation, tons of education, question and answers, and maybe even a few technical difficulties (but I hope not).

Three: It doesn’t matter if your group is all guys or girls. Age doesn’t matter, either. Finally, if you’re a current or former client, you can participate in this, too!

Four: There’s no deadline for this but I anticipate having all the groups done by Monday.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Remember: The deadline for my program offer is the 17th.

Thanks for making my birthday special.

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It’s my birthday! 2 exciting ways to celebrate with me that will absolutely, positively, impact YOU!

February 9, 2010          Comments (5)


I’m not one to make a big deal over my birthday. After all, it’s just a number. But, I’m breaking my own rule this year. I’ve come up with two ways, I’d like to share my day with you (it’s actually tomorrow, the 10th) – and one of them involves me being in your bedroom.

So, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, I want you to try MyBodyTutor. But, only because I know it’ll help you. Actually, I believe it’ll change your life for the better. (And if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing it.)

MBT isn’t for everyone though. If you’re in amazing shape, you do not need my services!

However, if you have trouble staying consistent with your diet and/or exercise, have intense cravings, overeat, binge, are obsessed with food, always say, “I’ll start tomorrow!”, constantly make excuses and justify poor choices, find it hard to stay motivated, or are sick of going to the gym and not seeing (or feeling) results MBT is for YOU!

You know when you have a friend who’s complaining about something – maybe her boyfriend -and you know exactly what she should do!?!

The only thing is, it doesn’t matter if you tell them or not. They won’t listen until they’re ready.

That’s how I feel with MBT. You’ve been reading my blog, maybe even my other blog. You know me. And I KNOW 100% that my program will help you get the body you want. I even back it up with a full money back guarantee!

Let’s take Ruth M, a client from the USA living in Thailand right now. (She’ll be a case study soon.) She signed up on November 10th. Just yesterday she sent me an email thanking me and in it she writes, “Your system is the most effective and efficient way I have ever seen to get fit and healthy.”

I have hundreds of emails like that. Again though, don’t take my word for it. Try my program. Absolutely risk free!

So…what’s stopping you?

Let’s explore 3 potential reasons:

One. “I already know what to do.” Um, so do the other 200 million Americans (for the most part) that are out of shape and unhappy with the way they look and feel. A lack of knowledge isn’t the problem. If anything, there’s too much information!

A lack of consistent action is the real problem.

No one said it was easy to take consistent action! Knowledge without action is worthless. And that’s exactly why I created MyBodyTutor: To help you take consistent action (doing the right things) to ensure we get the result you want.

Two. You don’t think it’s worth it. If you don’t think your health and fitness is worth it then you never will. At least, I certainly won’t convince you! Unfortunately, it’ll be your doctor, down the line.

Besides, I only want to work with people who value their health and fitness and view it as an investment in themselves. (Not an expense.) And for those that are very ROI focused – the dividends your fitness pays are off the charts in terms of happiness, quality of life, energy, focus, and confidence.

Compare MBT to a personal trainer. Although a personal trainer is very helpful, I know it’s what we do in between workouts that really makes the difference! Besides, I’m betting you don’t need someone to hold your hand in the gym. You just need someone to make sure you get to the gym. (Sure, we’ll tell you exactly what to do.)

The most effective long-lasting results will come from daily and personal accountability which will ensure you stay consistent with both diet and exercise in and out of the gym.

Three. You’re scared. And I totally understand that. It takes courage to start something new. It takes courage to even think about starting something new!

Deep down you really want to be healthy and fit and love the way you look and feel, but you also don’t want to put forth the effort. Welcome to the world of cognitive dissonance – which is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas or wants.

To reduce the uncomfortable feeling (dissonance) these two opposing wants cause you to change your attitudes and beliefs. So, you’ll justify or rationalize. (I don’t really want to be healthy and fit.)

You’re scared because you know MBT will work. You know it’s exactly what you need. But because you’re scared, you’ll question the program. You’ll question the results. You’ll question the guarantee. You’ll question anything and everything until you can find something to latch onto to so you feel comfortable not taking action.

Here’s my question to you: If you’re truly honest with yourself, and base your future results on your past performance, where will you be in 6 months from today?

There you have it. 3 common reasons you might not try MBT.

But because it’s my birthday, and because I really want to give you the push to try MBT, I’d like to offer you $50 off if you take action and sign up by February 17th. Full money back guarantee still applies, of course.

Curious about having me in your bedroom? I’ll share the second way I plan on celebrating my birthday with you on Thursday (2/11).

Note: If you’re interested in taking me up on this rare opportunity (I hardly ever offer discounts) simply email me at adam at mybodytutor dot com with ‘Birthday Promotion’ in the subject headline and we’ll get you going!

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