It’s my birthday, and I want to celebrate with you! (Limited time promo ends on Tuesday 2/15/11 at midnight)

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“That went really well!” I said to myself after getting off the phone with one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation.

1 week before the call, I got an email directly from him. He said that one of his friends is a client of MBT (I had no idea they were friends) and that he was very intrigued by my business. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I read the email about 5X!

We talked about all sorts of topics ranging from psychology to happiness to entrepreneurship to fitness. I kept trying to talk about his business and he kept bringing the conversation back to mine.

After I told him my story of why I started MBT, he was amazed at how I’ve been living what I teach since 4th grade.

“Your story is so unique! I don’t know anyone who started working out in 4th grade. And the fact that you’ve been able to live the lifestyle you teach for all of these years proves just how sustainable it is. You are the definition of consistency! If I were you, I’d tell everyone your story.”

MBT is what I believe to be my life’s work.

Since opening our doors in 2007, we’ve helped 100’s and 100’s of people throughout the US and world get the body they want with our proven methods and system, and because it’s my birthday, I’d like to share my program with you.


Because helping you get from where you are right now to where you want to be is thrilling for me.

If I’m able to help my client, Nev, (case study coming soon) look like this (see above before and after) or my client Stephanie lose 87 + pounds – why won’t it work for you?


Why wouldn’t someone try a program that has been proven over and over again to work with a risk free proposition? This question truly fascinates me and is what marketing is all about.

Any business in the world has the challenge of trying to get people to try their product/service.

That’s why being featured in major national media helps. That’s why having case studies helps. That’s why having countless testimonials helps.

It helps because it builds credibility. But of course, that’s not everything.

People (you!) want results!

I know my program works better than anything else out there, and I back it up with a 100% guarantee since I’m that confident about it.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars, and over a year developing MBT, testing it, and improving it. And I’m constantly refining our methods.

If you are in great shape, it’s because you’re staying consistent with your diet and exercise. This is as unadulterated as 2 + 2 = 4.

And I know that if you aren’t in great shape it’s because you aren’t staying consistent with either your diet and/or exercise. Our body never lies.

However, we constantly lie to ourselves. “I’ll start next Monday!” “Eh, I’ll just go tomorrow.” The excuses and lies we tell ourselves are endless. And before we know it, next Monday becomes next month and before you know it – summer is here.

It happens over and over again.

We delude ourselves. If you’re not changing your actions, how can you expect your outcomes to change?

And no – it’s not about more tactics or another fancy exercise contraption or video. A lack of knowledge isn’t the problem. If anything there’s too much information out there!

The real problem is a lack of consistent action. But if consistency were so easy, we’d all do it.

Accountability matters. Support and guidance matters. Setting expectations matters. And most importantly, having a proven program and system and methods matters.

You know when you have a friend who’s complaining about something – maybe her boyfriend -and you know exactly what she should do!?!

The only thing is, it doesn’t matter if you tell them or not. They won’t listen until they’re ready.

That’s how I feel with MBT. You’ve been reading my stuff. You know me. And I KNOW 100% that my program will help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

Just yesterday, Deborah writes to me, “Your system is the most effective and efficient way I have ever seen to get fit and healthy.”

I get emails exactly like this all the time.

So…what’s stopping you?

Skeptics always have an excuse because it’s easier to be skeptical than to take the risk of trying something and possibly failing. (Here’s where I’ll point out that there is no risk because I offer a 100%  money back guarantee) Skeptics say they don’t have enough time (when everyone has the same 24 hours per day).

They’ll complain about having “already tried everything.” They’ll blame it on their lack of finances only to find out they spend $100’s a month on food and entertainment.

Is $38 per week really going to hold you back from getting the body you really want?

There are a 1001 excuses to not take action. And that’s what it comes down to. If you’re not ready to take action, you’ll question anything and everything.

You’ll question the program. You’ll question the results. You’ll question the guarantee. You’ll question anything and everything until you can find something to latch onto to so you feel comfortable not taking action.


Because change is scary! I understand, believe me.

But as I always say, “the monster is never as scary as it seems.”

If I’ve been able to help all of these people and all of these people – – I’m certain I can help you.

Okay – enough!

Because it’s my birthday, and because I really want to give you the push to try MBT, I’d like to offer you $75 off if you take action and sign up by Tuesday, February 15th.

If you’re interested in taking me up on this rare opportunity (I hardly ever offer discounts) simply email me at adam at mybodytutor dot com with ‘Birthday Promotion’ in the subject line and we’ll get you going!

Here’s my final question to you: If you’re truly honest with yourself, and base your future results on your past performance, where will you be 6 months from today?

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