The GuruGilbert Virgin Guide

Yes! I am so glad you found This site was started by me in August of 2006 (wow, time is flying!) to talk about entrepreneurship, business musings, customer service, philosophy, psychology, following your passion, current affairs, pop culture, my business, my life and many other topics.

In 2008, I’ve decided to add health, fitness and nutrition to the mix since that is what I do.

Everyone can and should participate on GuruGilbert by commenting and/or asking questions!

The purpose of my blog is to help you grow your business, realize your dreams, improve your health and fitness, kill some time and to aid you in creating a better life.

If after reading some of my posts and you walk away, or continue to sit at your desk, whatever the case, if you are thinking, inspired, refreshed, determined, motivated, laughing, agreeing, disagreeing, educated, intrigued, entertained, rejuvenated, then I have served my purpose.

Some of my personal favorite posts are:

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