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May 1, 2009          Comments (4)

My nephew, Landon Jay Uvenio!

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My first letter to my future nephew or niece! (I’m going to be an Uncle!!!)

November 21, 2008          Comments (3)

Dear my future nephew or niece!

I have some really exciting news and it’s about you! My sister (yes, your Mom) has a bun in the oven! (A whole wheat one of course.) And I’m soon going to be your very proud Uncle!

You’re 17 weeks old right now, inside your Mom, and you’re making her miserable every day, but, of course, you were worth it!

I must say that the idea of my sister being your Mom is kind of crazy. Not because she won’t be an amazing Mom – because she will be – but because my sister is my sister! Not anyone’s Mom!

Although I’m philosophical, your Mom being pregnant is making me even more philosophical.

[Fun fact: Philosophy means the love of wisdom. Philo means the love of and sophia means wisdom. My Mom (your Grandma!), must be smiling ear to ear (even more than she already is because of the thought of you) with my knowledge of etymology!

And don’t take it personally that she always corrects your English. She still does it to me! What do you expect? She’s a former English teacher and SAT tutor!]

See here’s the thing. While growing up, you’re going to think your parents (My incredible brother (I just call him brother at this point – instead of bro-in-law) and my incredible sister) were put on this planet for one reason: To be your parents!

It’s amazing how tunnel vision works. Your Grandma retired from teaching when she was 55. She taught High School English for 34 years! [Now you know why!?] I remember when I was a little kid, always being in the kitchen while she was making dinner and grading papers simultaneously and asking her all sorts of questions.

“So Mom, do these kids know you have kids?” “Why are you such a hard grader?” Endless questions but mainly because I couldn’t get over the fact that my Mom had students of her own. More so, a life of her own!

Kids, by nature, are extremely self-centered. Some kids stay self-centered their entire life while thankfully most realize there is more to this world than themselves! (I promise that won’t happen to you. Your parents are two of the most thoughtful people I know!)

For a little while, you will think your teachers are ONLY teachers. That your refs for your sports games are only refs. And that the people in your life – have no other life besides the relationship they have with you.

The weird thing is; I’m like best friends with your Mom and Dad. I’ve known your Mom for 25 years and your Dad for 7! Way before you were even an idea and way before they met!

I remember the very first time I met your father! I remember your Mom and Dad getting married and how they planned their entire wedding for a year! I remember when your Mom and Dad used to drive by the house you’re living in before it was built. They used to dream about it. I remember sleeping in your room when I stayed over!

(Don’t worry! I’ll tell you all sorts of hilarious stories but only when they’re not around!)

I want to thank you for helping me to look at life a little differently. It’s given me an entirely new dimension and perspective. A new way to look at my parents. A new way to look at my Aunt.

I’m going to write some letters to you on my blog. I think it’ll be cool for you to read them one day, too. To know what life was like before you were around. It’s cool right? (My sister just called me and said she felt a little kick. I’ll take that as a yes!)

Just know that you’re not even born yet and you’re already loved to death! You are all we talk about! And know how lucky you are. If I had to come back as anyone’s kid, your parents would be on top of the list.

That’s it for now. But just know that we love you and that you’re in for one hell of a ride! The ride of your lifetime!

Oh. And if you’re a boy (crossing my fingers) not only are you going to be a little muscle man but we’re going to do lots of fun things. I promise! You’ll be the little brother I never had. And if you’re a girl – I’ll take you shopping and we’ll build doll houses and whatever you want too! You’ll be the little sister I never had!

Either way, you win, and I’m thrilled and we’re all thrilled for you to be in our life!

I love you!

-Uncle Ad

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