Give me all your money but wait in line!

September 26, 2006          Comments (0)

It’s astonishing to me! Every rat in NYC (future blog post) only has a window of 4 hours to get to the bank. I’d say 10AM – 2PM are the prime hours.

You would think a great, customer-serving NOT self-serving organization would say to their employees, associates, owners in the business, whatever you want to call them:

“We are in business for our customers. Without them we are nothing. We need their money. Without their money we won’t be in business. We must collect as much money as possible while also keeping our customers as happy as possible. We want them to keep their money with us. Not our competition.”

The brilliant CEO would then say, “Okay, this makes a lot of sense. We are going to make it so easy for people to deposit money and/or talk with a bank teller so they can do whatever it is they have to. We don’t want them standing in line long enough to catch 5 stock quotes on CNBC. From now on, every bank teller has no breaks between the hours of 10AM-2PM. We want people in and out. Quick and painless. The less time they are in our bank, the happier our customers are, allowing us to collect even more money!”

So simple right? In fact, I might even go as far as hiring extra people, if possible, for those 4 hours.

My Citibank has at least 20 bank teller windows. God forbid, they utilized even 50% of them. Instead, they had 2 people (unhappy people, needless to say, because of all the extra work due to the lunch rush hour) handle a line of no less than 30 people.

It wouldn’t make sense to be open after business hours or on the weekends, would it? I know of one bank that does that.

They are obviously in business to serve their customers as best as they possibly can.

I think I’m going to switch. Anything is possible.

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