Horses wearing mounted Police officers

November 2, 2006          Comments (0)

Every day as I walk to work I laugh.

I always crack up when I see the mounted police officers on their horses. They are scattered throughout Times Square. Is this a coincidence?

I think it’s phenomenal marketing.

These police offers are celebrities. They take pictures with tourists. I’ve seen lines of people waiting to pose with ‘Mister Ed’ and the police officer.

How do you even get to become a mounted police officer? Is it a privilege or a punishment? “Detective Hanratty the time has come. You have proved to us you can enforce the law. We want to reward you. How would you like to be a mounted cop?”

Do these mounted cops really do anything? Let’s face it, if something terrible happens they can’t abandon ship.

I couldn’t imagine the scene if a lady’s purse was stolen and the victim screamed, “Help, my purse was stolen!” What’s the cop going to do? Kick it into high gear, jump over cars, and run over people to catch the thief.

I don’t think so.

Maybe they help move along traffic but who’s listening to a cop on a horse?

I think they serve a very important (marketing) purpose.

To keep tourists happy and to keep them coming back to New York City so it remains as one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. It’s part of the Big Apple. It’s part of our culture.

What else do these mounted horses do besides attract and retain tourists (and maybe regulate traffic)?

There is a smell…

…and it smells like a $hit!

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