What is your Uniform!?

March 16, 2007          Comments (0)

What in the world am I talking about? You know. The super comfy clothes that you dream about as you’re wearing your high heels and skirt or your uncomfortable dress shoes and suit.

Do you have one Uniform; go to clothes that are always worn? Or, do you have a bunch of Uniforms that are interchangeable?

These are the clothes that feel like butter on your skin and make you appreciate the small things in life.

After all, that is what it’s all about. Is it not?

Some dream of putting on their big comfy sweat pants and favorite big comfy sweatshirt while others prefer the more risqué look of shorts and a wifebeater (tank top for my older readers).

Whatever it might be, it makes you feel incredible. In fact, the thought of your favorite Uniform might even make you smile and give you chills.

Donald Trump, I heard ALWAYS wears suits. What kind of person ALWAYS wears suits?

I wonder what George Bush wears when he is just lampin’? Sometimes, you’ll see him in his jeans and flannel with his cowboy hat. But, he knows he’ll be seen in that. So, that’s not REALLY his Uniform.

It’s kind of interesting to think about “the Uniform” of some very famous and prominent people in this world.

I think you can tell a lot about a person depending on his/her Uniform.

What if we all had to wear our Uniforms to work every day? We are, after all, in the era of self-expression.

I bet it would be pretty shocking.

When I start hiring employees for my company (which happens to be going incredibly well) I just made the decision, right now, this second, that everyone will be able to wear their Uniform to work.

Today could not be more of a perfect day to hang out in your uniform and watch your favorite movies with your favorite people.

So, when you get home from work or school, I hope you enjoy your uniform and when you smile in utter bliss, you can think about me and my lil’ blog post…about Uniforms.

Can you imagine “W” prances around in leggings and a wifebeater? Or, Bill Gates rocks out in mesh shorts and a hoody? Or, Hillary Clinton lamps in a football jersey and warm up pants?

Think about your favorite Uniform.

Now, smile.

Happy Friday!

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