Make $500 cash money by helping me sell my car…

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This seriously might be the easiest $500 you could ever make. Read on…

In the book Freakonomics there is an interesting chapter about real estate agents.

Real estate agents are in business to sell as many houses/condos as possible. They earn their pay by getting commission based on the property value of the house they sell. But they have a lot of deals going on at once and they much rather quickly and easily lock up the sale as opposed to holding out for say an extra $10,000.

An interesting study found that an agent keeps her own house on the market an average ten extra days waiting for a better offer, and sells it for over 3 percent more than your house or $10,000 on the sale of a $300,000 house. That’s $10,000 going into her pocket that doesn’t go into yours. The problem is that the agent only stands to gain an additional $150 by selling your house for $10,000 more which isn’t much reward for a lot of extra work.

So here I am. I have a car that has been sitting in my mom’s garage for over two years now. It’s my baby and everyone tells me I should sell it since I don’t need to drive anymore being that I live in NYC. I keep thinking that I may need it to travel, etc,. etc.

The bottom line is that it’s still sitting there doing nothing but depreciating and in 5 years time it’ll still be sitting there.

I have a buyer for my car who is willing to pay $11,000. But this isn’t any old Toyota Celica. It’s mine. It has a custom body kit on it and I can guarantee that you will never see this exact car on the road.

Since I have a buyer for $11,000 and if I’m going to pay out $500 we have to at least sell it for $12,000 for it to make $ense.

If you know anyone that is looking for a great little sports car (fully loaded) and they buy my car, I’ll give you $500 cash. And if you want my car, we’ll work something out!

NOTE: Blue book value is $13,000 and of course that doesn’t include the body kit.

Now go make yourself some money and have a great weekend!

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