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November 19, 2008          Comments (0)

Dear potential Body Tutor,

Several months ago I started training 2 people who were going to start handling their own clients.

Sadly, I fired them because I didn’t feel the passion from them. If you don’t really, truly and sincerely love helping and impacting people no hard feelings at all! Just don’t work for MyBodyTutor. You’re going to save yourself a lot of time because you won’t be a good fit.

I don’t say this lightly either. I don’t intend on building a company with mediocre employees. I intend on building a memorable company. And of course, to build a memorable company I have to fill my company with memorable people.

This isn’t going to be my company for much longer. Everything right now is ‘me’, ‘my’, and ‘I’ but once you join and once I start to fill this company with memorable people it will be our company. In fact, I can’t wait for that!

But, I refuse to compromise on the caliber of people I hire as Body Tutors. I am very fortunate to be in a spot where I can be extremely picky and if I think you’re a perfect fit, you’re going to want me to be just as picky once you’re a part of the team.

Because the success of MBT depends solely on finding amazingly caring people who are honest and dedicated to reaching our vision. And, of course, the more successful MBT is…the more successful you will be.

Why? Because small companies that hire incorrectly fail! They don’t probably fail, or maybe fail. They just plain fail. I must hire the right people. In particular, the early Body Tutors must be perfect.

The most important part of hiring correctly is to not hire the wrong people. The second most important part of hiring correctly is to hire the right people. What that means is that it is better for me to not hire anyone at all if I can’t find the right person.

It’s not that hard to tell. The right people are the ones that really, really want to work with me. I can tell they’re excited to be a part of the team. They understand and believe in the mission. They get it. They see the vision. And they want to (have to!) be a part of it.

I’ll absolutely take the fired up Body Tutor any day over the more experienced but otherwise humble alternative. If you care about status symbols like titles, and resent the success of others no hard feelings. Just don’t bother joining the team! Again, you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

This may come across as arrogant. That’s fine. This is my company. My vision. My rules. But if you do join the company…you’ll understand why this is so important that much more.

I am obsessed with helping as many people as I can because I know what we created works. Just wait until you see the capabilities of the MBT application from a client side and the tutor’s perspective! It was built from the ground up with every feature, detail and tool obsessed over.

Any expert in health and fitness who desperately cares about other people’s success will be able to run with the application. That’s the idea.

You might be a stay at home mom. You might be a college student. As long as you are insanely passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. And of course, you eat, sleep and breathe the health and fitness lifestyle.


As I said, I must be insanely picky for every tutor but especially the first 20. Together, we are going to build an incredible company. A company that will change the lives of many. But we must be in this together. The first 20 are going to lay the foundation and pave the road.

I need you to be really loyal and really dedicated. I need you (no, I want you) to be really excited. I promise I will be just as loyal to you, if not more, when we do make this the company I envision.

Before you get in touch with me please read the following blog posts:

1. The post you just read was inspired by this post. (Again, it’s really important to get the right people on the bus!)

2. This is a post on why I care so much about my clients. (If this makes no sense to you – then it won’t make any sense for you to join MBT.)

3. This is a post where I talk about the two greatest days of my life. (In case, you’re wondering why I eat, sleep and breathe MyBodyTutor.)

4. And finally I ask you the question, will you be missed? (That’s what it’s all about for me. That’s how you can judge if you’re having an impact on people or not! If you join MBT there is no doubt that you will be missed!)

You ready?

Thanks for reading either way!


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